Sunday, February 09, 2014

The EU Versus Putin Tug of War to Tear Apart the Ukraine Is Nothing New, Jewry Has Attacked the Ukraine from All Sides for Centuries

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews were the masters of the vast Polish Empire for hundreds of years. They controlled all the commerce and finance of the empire and treated the common Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, etc. as their slaves. They forced liquor on them, stole their wealth and maintained absolute control over them through the nobility.

The Ashkenazi yiddish jews of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire were, by far, the largest concentration of jews in the World at the time. Their ghettoes continued into WW II when Eichmann commented that the jews were already in ghettoes. They maintained their own laws and their own nation as they bled the Slavs and Baltic peoples dry. Even through the 1920's the jews held a strangle hold over Polish politics and maintained their State within a State status.

Jacob Frank and his followers infiltrated the Catholic Church and Polish nobility and monarchy and then divided Poland into three separate balkanized parcels among the three empires of Russia, Austro-Hungary and Prussia, and so ended the once great Polish Empire at the hands of the jews who had exploited it for so long, and so began the invasion of subversive revolutionary Frankist jews into those lands.

In 1492, the crypto-Jewish King Ferdinand of Spain, whose father was a jew, expelled the jews from Spain. Many Spanish jews settled in Salonika and Constantinople. The jews quickly became the power behind the throne of the Turkish Empire.

Jewish father and son Joseph and Moses Hamon were the physicians and advisors of Sultan Sulaiman I. They brought in the jewish banker Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, who not only ruled the Turks from behind the throne, but influenced many leaders of Europe.

The jews had the Ukrainians sandwiched between the Ashkenazi jews of the Polish Empire and the Sephardic jews of the Turkish Empire, and the jews financed and instigated war after war between the Europeans and Turks, and profited immensely from them financially and in quenched blood lust.

The jews again sandwiched the Ukrainians between the German Empire, which the jewish press and politicians had provoked into WW I, and the Russian Empire. The jews created a civil war in the Ukraine and the bolshevik jews eventually took the nation and genocided 11 million of its best, most productive citizens.

Not long after, the Nazi zionists sought to take Poland to give a substantial portion of it back to the jews, in order to recreate their cherished jewish kingdom in Poland in preparation for a takeover of Palestine, with the same messianic fervor that fueled Shabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. The Ukraine was again attacked from both sides as the bolshevik socialist empire battled the zionist Nazi socialist empire.

Today, the European Union socialist empire is engaging in a tug of war with bolshevik Putin for control of the Ukraine. So there is nothing new about the jewish two front war on the Ukraine now taking place. And as always before, nothing good will come of it until and unless the Ukrainians gain the sovereignty of their own nation independent of jewish influence.