Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Jews Seek to Kill the King of Western Civilization With a Gay Debate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It used to be in many societies that they would kill the king whenever he showed any signs of weakness, perversion, illness, etc. rendering him unfit to rule. The jews are now making the perversion of homosexuality the emblem of sickness in Western Civilization so as to demand we kill its king and raise a new king in Asia. The jews juxtapose gay Obama to gay bashing Putin as a ploy to have us kill Western Civilization in favor of an Asian king.

Are you so stupid as to have your fate, the fate of your children, your nation, your race, and that of human life depend on the perversion of homosexuality and its glorification or denigration? Will you chose your king based on his stance on homosexual deviancy and ignore all other more important issues? Consider the issues of more importance to the jews, and you will see that jew puppets Putin and Obama are tugged by the same jew hand behind the curtain and support the same genocide of Whites, and both will destroy Western Civilization and with it you. Witness how they have worked together to weaken and destroy nation after nation in the Middle East and drive Muslims into Europe and America, by pretending to the good cop and bad cop of Islam.

Note that the best the jews could do to try to kill us off is raise the gay on their shoulders and their banners. It is truely pathetic! They make gay images of Putin and juxtapose them to gay images of Putin, while fabricating false quotes and attributing them to Putin, so as to make him the homoerotic hero of our gay bashers. The jew sickness behind all of this is obvious and Putin and Obama are obviously playing their roles for their jew puppet masters.

Will our civilization rise or fall on backs of gays?