Monday, February 24, 2014

The Nationalist Versus EU Ukrainian Pendulum and the Changing Official Russian Response Is Telling

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Like the pendulum bob of a massive mechanical clock, the Ukrainian revolution turned from the expansion of the EU empire into a Ukrainian Nationalist movement. At that precise moment, Putin changed his tune from total submission to the revolution, to veiled threats against it.

Initially, the press and all the governments involved pretended that the old Parliament of the Ukraine represented the People and Nation of the Ukraine as it announced its intentions to join the EU. Putin was fine with this, because he is a jew puppet paid to be weak opposition to the EU and Obama.

For example, when the British People insisted their Parliament not support an attack on Syria, and the American People followed suit by insisting the Congress prevent an American attack on Syria, Putin came to Obama's aid and proposed Syria disarm its chemical weapons stockpiles. This helped Israel and saved face for Obama. It did nothing to help Syria, which continues to suffer under Putin's watch, as did all the nations of the Arab Spring, which Putin helped to destroy.

But oh how the attitude is starting to change now that the Ukraine promises to become nationalistic. Now the little mut Medvedev is issuing threats. Russia under the jew oligarchs was fine with the Ukraine in the EU, but suddenly rejects the idea of a nationalistic Ukraine. Quite telling, is it not? Is it not obvious that Putin is controlled by the same jews who control the EU, IMF and Obama?

But things are not so simple. Hundreds of millions of people across Asia and Europe are tired of Putin and his jew oligarch handlers raping their countries. Putin knows that he can expect that his empire will be attacked from a million angles and from within if he attacks the Ukraine. So he is using the jews' "alternative" media to try to turn this tide around. The jew liberatarians, White Nationalists and antizionists are desperate to create the illusion that Russia somehow has absolute rights to everything Ukrainian.

The Russian ethnic presence in the Ukraine is the bastard child of the jewish genocide of the Ukrainian Holodomor and the bolshevik jew campaign to ethnically cleanse the Ukraine of Ukrainians. If anything, this grants the Ukrainians the right to expel and repatriate the invasive genocidal Russians back to Russia. It grants the Nation of Russia absolutely no rights to anything Ukranian whatsoever. The Russians and jews should be paying the Ukrainians reparations, not raping and pimping the Ukraine in yet another century.

Again, the Russian ethnic presence in the Ukraine is the illegitimate product of the well documented campaign by Russian and jewish communists to genocide the Ukrainians and replace their indigenous population with Russians and others. It confers upon the Russian nation no right of ownership in the Ukraine whatsoever. Putin bemoans the American displacement and genocide of Native Americans, but he sees no reason to reject the deliberate Russian and jewish genocide of the Ukrainians. His hypocrisy knows no bounds!

The Ukrainians are not going along with the jewish attempt to pretend that they own the Ukraine and have sold it to the EU. The jews are forming a plan B and Putin is a big player in it. But the jews do not hold all the cards. If Putin jumps on the Ukraine, a tidal wave of resentment will swell over his jew puppet regime and drown it. Putin knows this, but the jews who pull his strings don't give a damn about Putin or Russia. They are after chaos and permanent war and revolution. They want the Asians to invade Europe and have for thousands of years opened the gates for this invasion. That is why they are stirring up trouble in the Ukraine. There are many ways to defeat them, but we must act to do so.

Instead of troubling ourselves to death with the gay hero worship of the clownish ass Vladimir Putin, we should instead be devoting an enormous effort to running a viable candidate for President of the United States in 2016. This should be our main focus, but I am the only one talking about it. All others are fixated on Putin's sagging chest and bald head.

Don't be surprised if the jews stage a false flag attack on ethnic Russians in the Ukraine, or an attack in Russia that they will blame on Ukrainians. The jews hate nationalism and love chaos and war. It invokes opportunities for them to hurt us. We must fight back.