Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Ukrainian Army and Police, Will Russia Be Next?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is interesting that the police have dominated the force employed against Ukrainian civilians. Is the military not behind Viktor Yanukovych? Which side will the generals choose, if put under pressure? What about the soldiers? The police appear to be more corrupt than the military.

What are Russia's ties to the Ukrainian military? Is Putin at all worried that what is happening in the Ukraine may soon spill over into Russia? Why is Putin so heavy handed when dealing with dissent? Why is Putin so eager to court the support of ethnic minorities in Russia against White Russians? It seems Russia would be an easier nation to balkanize than the Ukraine.

It seems Putin is far more concerned about his own backyard than the Ukraine. His support for Viktor Yanukovych has been weak and sneaky. It may be Putin wants this to end quickly before Russians begin to wonder if they really want Putin to sell out their country to the Chinese, or to the countless problem countries with which Putin is aligned.

Being the policemen of the world is expensive in many ways. Ask an American, we will tell you. Putin has been playing good cop to many depressed nations, which accomplishes little for Russia, other than unwanted expenses, diplomatically and economically. Putin is isolating Russia and presenting himself as if the champion of the dominoes that are falling one after another, and not towards Russia. This is his role for the jews, but how long before the Russian masses begin to wake up and see how they are being used for the benefit of other nations against their own best interests? How long before the streets of Moscow resemble the streets of Kiev?

Putin is a good boy for the jews, but his games won't remain hidden forever. Eventually the Russian people will wake up.

Putin is selling arms and raw materials to the communist Chinese. When Russia starts to disintegrate, the Chinese will be in a good position to chew off a big piece of Mother Russia, a real bite in the ass. If the Chinese take a part of the Ukraine, they will have flanked Russia. The Turks and pan-Turkey are also being set up to balkanize Russia. North Korea threatens war. Putin is playing into the jews' hands by setting Russia up for a big fall that will shatter her vast empire. Is he doing so by design, or incompetence?