Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukraine, Where Do You Go from Here?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is no coincidence that Yulia Tymoshenko is being positioned to replace Viktor Yanukovych. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Putin is a professional loser. He backs one side for the jews, while the jews attack the other, until a nation is wrecked and ready for a series of calamities that ultimately render it a debt slave to international finance.

The Ukraine is being drained and prepped for a Chinese invasion. Russia is being set up to fall.

The jews are creating a power vacuum and an economic vacuum. If Ukraine becomes isolated from both Russia and Western Europe, the Chinese will have an easier time moving in and taking over.

Consider what would happen if the Ukraine had three presidents with equal power and voting rights, one a Russian puppet, one an EU puppet, and one a sincere Ukrainian patriot. It would be possible for the patriot to mediate between the EU and Russian puppets, while the Ukraine maintained good business and military relationships with both Russia and the EU. But this would not likely happen. Instead, the EU puppet and the Russian puppet would conspire to outvote the patriot and do what is good for the jews (and their chosen people, the Chinese), and bad for the Ukraine. That is essentially the current situation, where the EU and Putin are bullying the Ukrainains to defeat themselves in favor of jewish interests.

The jews are setting up the Ukraine to be dependent on a leader who can enslave the Ukrainians to either the EU, Russia or Red China, perhaps to all three. Instead of the Ukraine cutting its best deal among these three apparently competing forces, the jews are creating conditions whereby the Ukraine will become desperate and forced to give away all it has to what will be the lowest bidder, as strange as that appears on its face.

The jews are creating chaos, and will propose a strong leader as the only resolution to the problem. That leader will fail, by design, and then foreign interests will move in to pick at the carcass and plunder the disenchanted and starving Ukrainians.

Sincere Ukrainian patriots should seek to maintain good relations with Western Europe and Russia. The protests should not take the form of a war on Russia or the EU, though both the EU and Putin are waging war on the Ukrainians as the jews' proxy forces, the jews' vise. Instead, the protests are and should be a sovereignty movement. The Ukraine has enough wealth to support its people and generate a surplus to meet all needs for trade that are not met by Autarky.

A good leader for the Ukraine would be one who has a future vision for an independent Ukraine not at war with Russia or the EU. A strong leader for the Ukraine will put Ukrainian interests first and be working to take advantage of the Ukraine's geographical and demographic position, not allowing the Ukraine to be used as a launchpad for war, balkanization or internationalism.

Putin is weak on purpose. The nations he supports enter into decline, by design. The Ukraine does not need long term problems with Russia or the EU. They need independence so that they can benefit from the riches of their own nation. A good leader will ask the foreign guests to leave his house while his nation cleanses itself and repairs itself. The foreigners have done enough damage to the Ukraine. It is a time for healing, not war.

The Ukraine has much to offer. The best pickings should always go to the Ukrainians. Surplus should be offered on the global market in a way that profits Ukrainians, not jews. In this way, the Ukraine can sell its wares to the highest bidder, not the lowest.