Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vladimir Putin, the New Ron Paul Idol for American Dissidents

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For supposed monotheists opposed to idolatry, the jews sure do manufacture an endless disgusting string of idols for American dissidents to worship as their heroes and false saviors, which they poop out of the bowl of international politics. At the same time, the jews turn Americans against America and Western Europe and trick them into favoring communist China and KGB Putin over America, Western Europe, Taiwan, Japan, the Philipines and South Korea. The jews are bolshevik tricksters.

Given that there is nothing to like about Putin or Paul, the jews offer them up as single issue gods for our consumption. Ron Paul glittered gold, and Putin is the gay hero of gay bashers, replete with puckered pouting lips and chest bared to his loving fans. In jew propaganda, Putin is the homoerotic hero, despite the fact that is in reality an ugly, short, clumsy clown.

The jews used Paul to put Obama in office, and to make Americans worship the golden calf. The jews are using Putin to make Americans hate themselves and cheer on our enemies.

The jews are turning American dissidents into cowardly and fanatical sports fans, who sit their fat rumps on their deeply cushioned couches waving foreign flags and rooting against America. It is disgusting to witness these "patriots" cheering on our communist foes. The jews would boil down our fate to the single issue of homosexual rights. They fabricate quotes and falsely attribute them to Putin, because Putin is in fact the enemy of those whom the jews would deceive. Putin worship is based on lies manufactured in jew laboratories by jew minds, just as was Ron Paul worship.

The jews want to make it trendy and easy for American dissidents to stay out of the game and pretend to themselves that they are smart and powerful. The jews want American dissidents to destroy America, and save the jews the trouble of doing it themselves.

We need a political party and to participate in the political process on our own behalf. We need to be players, not fans. We don't need heroes to worship. We need a realistic plan to seize control of our government and oust the jews from power.