Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Watch Turkey to See if NATO Is Getting Serious About Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews who are trying to turn Americans against America in favor of Russia and Red China want to make it appear that a Russian attack on the Ukraine would be a cakewalk for Putin. They point out that Russia and the Ukraine share a common border and that the USA is far from Russia.

The reality is that this protects the USA from Russia, while Russia is exposed on a thousand fronts from without and within. The USA can project power through Turkey and all the other NATO nations. There would be no need to fight Russia in the Ukraine. We would fight them at our advantage and through many other points of attack. We would also wage war inside Russia..

Let us hope that war does not come and let us help prevent it by exposing the vulnerability of Russia and the strong position of America and NATO. There is no guarantee that the Red Chinese would come to Russia's defense. They would be better off taking advantage of the situation of war to attack Russia and annex as much territory as possible. What gain could there be for China to defend Russia?

Russians should be supporting Ukrainian Nationalism and become nationalistic themselves. They should oust aggressive imperialistic Putin and use Russia's wealth for the benefit of Russians, not Putin's jews.

If American Nationalists joined forces with Russian Nationalists, we could stop pointing our guns at one another and dominate the World for the benefit of Whites. In any event, don't let jew puppet Putin trick you with jingoisms into believing you are invulnerable to attack and can attack innocent nations with impunity. If you hit us, we will hit you back, real real hard, and no one will benefit from the war you start on behalf of your jewish masters.