Saturday, February 08, 2014

We Need to Start a Repatriation Movement

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order to preserve the human dignity of the alien invaders flocking to our homelands in unseemly hordes, we should start a massive repatriation campaign of non-Europeans out of Europe, and non-White immigrants, legal and illegal, to the USA, back out of America. This will show that we respect their national rights, and demand that they respect ours. It will be a legal measure in Europe given that it promotes the dignity and honors the ethnicity of the invading forces overwhelming European countries.

There are many types of warfare and revolution. Aristotle wrote of these thousands of years ago and nothing has changed. One kind of warfare and one method of revolution is racial demographic warfare. The jews are waging demographic warfare and warfare by invasion by opening the gates of our nations to invasive, hostile and alien races of men, who are destroying our societies and corrupting the genetic makeup of our peoples.

One civilized response to such an invasion is to repatriate the invaders. Note that the jews put tremendous effort into flooding White nations with historical racial enemies of Whites, but little to no effort in ever repatriating these invaders to their homelands, which makes it obvious to all that the intent of the jews is to destroy, not preserve. It is incumbent upon us to do for ourselves what our enemies will not do.

Europeans should start discussing the fact that the EU is a foreign empire ruling over their nations, which is deliberately invading their countries with traditional national, racial and religious enemies. The EU is an empire engaged in the total destruction of Europeans.

Likewise, Vladimir Putin is an expansionist reviving Russian imperialism. He gayly strong arms sissies and beats up on smaller nations, but lays in bed with jewry to suck the fruit of his union with them. He pretends to be a Christian, but nevertheless sponsors the antiChrist agenda of Israel and the jews. Putin criticizes homosexuals and attacks the sovereignty of smaller nations, but never speaks a word against the jews and communists who mass murdered tens of millions of Christian Slavs, burned Russian churches, tortured and mass murdered Russian clergy, and brought enemy upon enemy against Russians and Ukrainians. Putin never points out the fact that the jews paid for the Japanese war on Russia and funded the mass murdering jews who took over the nation and genocided its best citizens. Putin says nothing against the jews who sponsored Turkish and German attacks on Russia. Quite the contrary, Putin dons a yarmulke, bowing to the jews, and sells out Russia to the atheistic communist Chinese. Some White Christian he is, intent on aiding the jews antiChrist agenda, forming alliances against Whites in America and Europe, and flooding Russia with historic enemies of the Russians, while muzzling and imprisoning Russian nationalists.

We have to make people in Europe and America aware that these two jewish empires are waging war on them. We have to teach them and encourage them to employ this language so as to open their eyes to what is occurring. The EU is an empire hostile to Europe and its imperial ambitions and wars of expansion are manifest in the enemy invasion of Europe the EU is waging. The EU is a foreign, jewish empire slaughtering Europeans with a non-European invasion that destroys the national cohesiveness and racial integrity of European nations. The enemy empire, the EU is deliberately disenfranchising Europeans in their own nations and denying them their human and national rights. The EU is not European. It is instead an evil, aggressive, expansionist empire run by international jewry and it is killing Europe.

Likewise emperor Putin is undermining Russia and pitting Whites against Whites for the benefit of jews and communist Chinese. The Russians cannot compete with the Chinese and should not try. The Chinese have vastly greater numbers and far more diligent work ethic than the Russians. The Chinese will make the Russians debt slaves in very short order, and then collect by confiscating the land of Russia and its resources, and traitorous Putin and his heirs will gayly hand it over to them as he has been handing over Russian wealth to jewry in continuation of the Lenin, Trotsky, Yeltsin line and all in between. Russian empire post czarism has been a vacuum sucking the wealth out of Russia and into the fat bags of jewish banks.

If Putin were a Christian, a Slav and pro-White, he would be allying with White nationalists around the world to put the nuclear arsenals of America and Russia to work for the mutually assured preservation of Whites and of White countries. Instead, he is siding against us and flooding our dissidents with propaganda meant to demoralize us and to turn us away from political power and against our own nations. Instead of his propaganda apparatus trying to convince us that Whites are evil Western imperialists under the permanent boot of the jews, Putin should instead be producing educational films and romantic movies proving how the jews have mass murdered Whites and pitted us against each other, and proposing that we unite to attack the jews. But alas, Putin is not a Christian, a Russ or pro-White. He is a jew puppet who plays emperor on the jews' stage as the jews' stooge. He wants dissidents to side with the Red Chinese against our own people just like he does. It is an old communist tactic to pit dissidents against their own people. Remember those Mao and Che t-shirts?

We need a movement to oppose the aggressive and expansionist EU and Russian Empires, in part by stopping the foreign invasion and by repatriating the invaders. With each new immigrant the evil empires are expanding and Europe is disappearing.