Thursday, March 06, 2014

Another Angle of Attack Against KGB Putin and the Communist Gangs of Moscow

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russians have thus far gotten off scot-free for genociding Ukrainians and murdering and sending millions of innocent nationals from countless countries to their deaths. We were relieved when the Soviet Union appeared to have fallen apart. The jews were eager to cover their tracks and their crimes. And Russians were poor, drunk and seemingly harmless in the early 1990's. So we let them off the hook.

But now, the Russians are allowing Putin to invade their neighbors yet again. Russians, who have absolutely no need of more territory, are aggressively rolling in their troops for another land grab. They are waving commie flags and threatening the World with another world war.

So why don't those nations whose citizens the Russkis slaughtered in the millions demand reparations from the Russians? Putin glories in how rich he and his jewish backers have become, and how sound the Russian State has become, so rich it needs new territory to secure its overflowing wealth. Why not demand they pay for their murder?

This will shine an international spotlight on the imminent danger Putin and Russia pose to World peace, as well as further eroding Putin's contrived image, which he has spent so much money to artificially create. Wash away all his evil work with a single brush stroke wiping the sands of time off the communists' crimes and throwing Russia in court to answer for the crimes of murdering tens of millions and imprisoning entire nations for decades behind an iron curtain of genocide.

It is high time the communists answer for their crimes. It is time the communist leaders face trials and go to jail for the harm they have done.

Force two faced Putin to defend communism and show his true hideous KGB face to the World, as if it is not in plain sight already.