Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ayn Rand Paul for President: The KGB Candidate

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The KGB's man in American politics, Ron Paul is aggressively cheerleading for Vladimir Putin. The KGB is trying to prevent the emergence of an authentic American patriot candidate for President of the United States of America. By making a hero out of Putin among American dissidents, the KGB effectively prevents them from fielding a Presidential candidate and renders them anti-American and politically irrelevant. Ron Paul, and libertarians generally, are assisting the KGB in accomplishing this task of gutting American dissent and turning it against American interests in favor of bolshevik Russia.

At the same time, the communists Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul are campaigning against Putin, again circumventing the rise of a true and politically powerful American opposition to the communists and the jews. Rand Paul is the product of 90 years of communist rot wrought on the USA by the jewess and communist Trust agent Ayn Rand (Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum). He is the fruit of the fruit who came to America for this very purpose, to put a Soviet agent in the White House and subvert American anticommunists to render them useful to the Soviet Union and grossly destructive of America. Rand Paul is the highly successful fulfilment of this nearly century's old Soviet plan to destroy America with a fifth column of Randites preaching Randism.

Both Pauls, Ron and Rand, are working for the Soviets to undermine our political process and turn it against us. They are tools of the bolsheviks, who want to destroy American global influence, ruin the dollar and bolster Soviet Russia and Red China. Kremlin TV loves Ron Paul, and those who prop up Paul also propagandize for KGB Putin. It is a tightly knit web of communist subversion. The same gold merchants who destroyed South Africa and made it communist, those same golden jews who brought the bolsheviks to power in Russia, those same big jews are behind Putin and the Pauls and declare that all they do is golden.

Eight years of Obama will have severely weakened us by 2016, but we are still infinitely stronger than Soviet Russia. The communists' dictatorship of the dictatorship just doesn't work. But eight subsequent years of Paulsy or Clinton might just drag us down to their level.

The KGB has our dissidents working for them against America. The KGB has subverted both political parties, and has a virtual lock on the media.

Their grip is tightest at the Presidential level. We need to field a Presidential candidate who can shock our dissidents out of their demoralization brainwashing, and who can point the finger at the communist subversion of the USA. We need power to fight the bolshevik zionist jews and we can only achieve it politically if we actually try.

I was the only one warning you about Obama when he rose to the Presidency on the backs of series of deliberate political failures. I was the only one who connected all those dots and explained how Obama was miraculously able to win a Senate seat and then the White House through the exact same model. I called upon you for help then to field a candidate and start a political party.

The situation today is substantially worse than it was then. I warned long before it happened, that Obama would subvert our military and steal trillions for the bankers who put him power, and so he has. I warned that the communists would make their move, and they have. I warned that Europe would be flooded with Africans and Asians, and that the "Arab Spring" would take place, and this has also come to pass. I further revealed that the libertarians are communists and would turn our People against America and cheerlead for our communist enemies, and Ron Paul is doing just that today.

I cannot do this alone. We have to prevent the KGB from further demoralizing our youth. We have to put an American patriot in the White House. Will you help me to convince masses of the American People that Putin is our enemy and that only we can save ourselves by electing our candidate to the Presidency?

Precious time is being lost on Putin worship. This is by KGB design.