Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Common Themes of KGB Attacks on Western Civilization and Those of Libertarians, White Nationalists and Antizionists in the West

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is becoming increasingly obvious every day that the KGB has been behind the "alternative media" in America from the beginning, and is itself closely allied with, if not directly run by the gold cartel. I am not as familiar with the radical left "alternative media" as I am with that of libertarian, White Nationalist and antizionist "alternative media", but the propaganda of these media overlap on several issues, including their antiwar propaganda and anti-Americanism, as well as their well paid, if unrequited, love of KGB Putin.

A brief rundown of the KGB and Stasi attacks on Western Civilization shows that much of what we hear from the libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists was engineered by the KGB. They try to spin every significant bit of news to make it out that every major event in the World is the result of a CIA, MI6 and/or Mossad plot. They make heroes of Putin and Red China and constantly bash America and Europe. They are anti-Catholic and anti-Pope. They are anti-EU and anti-NATO. So I will enumerate a number of KGB attacks on our civilization and they should sound familiar to anyone familiar with the rhetoric of the "alternative media" which is being funded and driven by the KGB to provide the bolshevist antithesis to the zionist thesis resulting in the jew world order synthesis.

1.) Anti-Americanism.The KGB has always been staunchly and primarily anti-American. They hate us for sponsoring human rights. They hated us for being White. They hated us for defending Europe from them. And they have done all they can do to demoralize and corrupt our society to render it ripe for communist takeover. Likewise, White Nationalists from William Pierce on down are viciously anti-American, but never leave our shores. Instead, they constant try to demoralize our youth, discourage political involvement, embarrass their own alleged cause, and propagandize their followers with a message that favors international communist strength and weakens the USA and Europe. They propagate endless and often baseless conspiracy theories blaming all on the USA. They cry out for revolution and balkanization, which would invite a foreign invasion on our shores and erase our international influence leaving a power vacuum that would be immediately filled by the communists.

The KGB currently has Jobbik and the Golden Dawn in its pocket. It wants to use them to help dismantle the EU and NATO so that Russia can fill the power void in a chaotic new Europe. The KGB has them speaking against immigration not because the KGB opposes non-White immigration, but rather as a pretext for breaking down every alliance against Soviet power. Hence, we see Griffin come lately speaking up against Kalergi on behalf of Putin at a most auspicious and opportune moment for the communist expansion into Europe. The Stasi organized a campaign to paint swastikas on jew graves, and many such incidents are likely KGB designed psyops meant to have an international impact. The KGB wanted Yarosh in power in the Ukraine, and constantly portrays their invasion of the Ukraine, as a strike against Nazis. The KGB covertly carried out the coup and blamed it on the USA, as they typically try to blame the USA for all their covert actions. The "alternative media" ceaselessly drones that the USA put Nazis in power in the Ukraine, just like the KGB master Putin. This is not coincidental nor a matter of common cause. The KGB is organizing, funding and directing the "alternative media" and has been from the beginning.

A less serious example of the blame the USA for everything bad game is the example that the KGB created the propaganda that the USA engineered the HIV/AIDS virus. The KGB, Stasi, and the "alternative media", spread this myth in concert with each other.

2.) Revolution and Balkanization of Western Nations. The KGB and the "alternative media" are constantly calling for Americans and Europeans to revolt against our governments and balkanize our nations. If successful, this would destroy our power and make it easy for Russia and Red China to take over the World.

3.) Destroy Confidence in and Use of the US Dollar. The KGB and the "alternative media" incessantly pound the war drum against the dollar. They try to undermine international confidence in our dollar. They cry out for the destruction of the FED, not to help the US, but rather to destroy us and bolster their currencies and markets.

4.) Antizionism Led by Jews. The KGB has been the leading antizionist force in the World by far, while promoting jews continually within its ranks and around the World. They constantly distinguish jews from zionism and punish antisemitism. The Soviet Encyclopedia was strongly antizionist as was the KGB's own "Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public" spearheaded by Philipp Bobkov. The same "antizionist" message we hear in the "alternative media" was strongly heard in the Soviet Union in the 1980's, and the KGB remains behind it all. It is their way of attacking America and Europe and they never do any harm to Israel. It is one of the KGB's favorite methods of demoralizing dissidents and turning them against their own nations.

5.) Anti-Roman Catholicism and Anti-Pope. The KGB orchestrated the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. They are virulently anti-Roman Catholic. At the same time, the KGB has taken over the Eastern Orthodox Churches and controls absolutely the Russian Orthodox Church. The KGB seeks to weaken the cohesiveness and stability of Catholic societies in the former Soviet nations to leave them ripe for reintegration into the neo-Soviet Union. They also seek to take Greece by way of religious affiliation with their KGB infiltrated Orthodox Church, and use it to steal land from Turkey so that they will control the Black Sea coming and going. The KGB is pitting Catholics against the Orthodox, and turning the Orthodox towards Asia and away from Europe.

6.) Create the Illusion that America Is Militarily and Economically Weak. The KGB and the "alternative media" are attempting to mislead Americans and Europeans into believing that our nations are militarily and economically no match for Russia and Red China. The reverse is the reality, but if they can defeat us by causing us to believe that we are already defeated, they will have won without fighting, and inevitably losing.

7.) Promote the Myth of a Foreign Savior and the Futility of Self Empowerment. The KGB does not want us to take our fate in our own hands. Instead, they want to entrance into sleep with the dream of a foreign messiah who hates us, as the KGB wants us to hate ourselves, a foreign savior who seeks our utter destruction, and at the same time they mystify us with the constant threat of imminent collapse that renders any potential effort to help ourselves seemingly futile. They constantly distract us, then rally us to support their KGB candidates like Ron Paul and whole slew of other faux rightists who are closet communists working directly for the KGB.

This is a brief list off the top of my head. There are many, many more examples which lay bare the connection of the KGB to the "alternative media" and their efforts to demoralize Americans and Europeans and ruin our nations from within with the help of useful idiots and paid KGB agents and assets. The entire conspiracy community might well be a KGB creation run by them. No doubt they are closely tied to the UFO bs, and other such things.

And yes, behind the KGB stands the jew and the banker, as always. They are the communists' directors, financiers, leaders and thinkers. And yes, KGB Putin pays well the faux rightists of Europe for their unrequited love of Putin and his rubles. Scruples and rubles need not mix.