Saturday, March 15, 2014

Diplomacy Starts at Home: Obama and Merkel Are Communist Subversives in Bed With KGB Putin in Yalta II

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin has been waging psychological warfare on American citizens for years and commie Obama has said not one word about it, let alone condemned it. The Kremlin has been hiring traitorous Americans to propagandize anti-American vitriol and to destroy our national morale and defeat our national interests in favor of the communist international agenda.

Obama has yet to raise national awareness of the Russians' war against us. Putin began waging war on us years ago, and the crisis Putin has created in the Ukraine by overthrowing the government and installing a new set of puppets to serve as his Emanuel Goldsteins, is but the tip of the Siberian iceberg meant to sink America. Long ago, the Soviet Union sent the psychotic jewess Ayn Rand (Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum) to America to subvert any and all anti-communist movements in the United States and to trick them into supporting the communist agenda in the name of fighting it.

Putin now has a highly vocal fifth column of libertarian and objectivist communist subversives who are out to balkanize the USA, just as Putin is balkanizing the Ukraine, and Obama speaks not one word against any of it, because he is a communist plant in our government, just as Angela Merkel is a communist plant in the German government. Obama should address the American People directly as the basis for his international diplomatic effort to isolate Russia. Obama should explain how KGB Putin has established an international propaganda machine to brainwash the World to hate America and glorify Putin. Obama should directly criticize the anti-American libertarians and their highly organized "alternative media" which relentlessly brainwashes our people to hate themselves and calls upon our enemies to destroy us and our national interests.

But alas, Obama is silent, because he is also a cog in the international communist machine now again rolling over Eastern Europe. If Obama were to take to the airwaves and expose KGB Putin's communist plot to subvert and balkanize our nation, as well as the Ukraine, it would awaken Americans to the terrible danger that confronts us and the World. Why doesn't Obama come out and strike back against the KGB propaganda machine that is deliberately undermining our national integrity and national interests? Why doesn't Obama warn America of the danger our treacherous and traitorous communist fifth column pose to our nation, and remind Americans of the horrors of communist Russian imperialism, and the 60+ million lives it took in addition to the countless nations it oppressed?

Obama should do a Reagan and pull out a map of the old Soviet Union and present a montage of the horrors of Russian aggression, focusing on the Holodomor. He should explain that Putin is a KGB agent and expose the fact that Putin is subverting Greece and Turkey to ruin NATO and reconstitute and expand the Soviet Union. Obama should call upon Americans to reject anti-American Russian State media and the traitors who participate in it and who propagandize Americans to destroy America in a communist revolution.