Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fighting the Russian Bolsheviks on Our Terms, Not Theirs: Drive Out the Russians from All Other Nations

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The bolshevik Russian sheep want to wander back into the pen awaiting slaughter. They love their communist master and long for the return of their evil empire.

The Russians' Dear Leader KGB Putin is waging war on Europe and America. So how should we fight back militarily?

NATO should begin to amass forces in the Baltics, Poland and the Ukraine. Advanced new missile systems should be installed throughout NATO. Turkey should close off all Russian and Russian sympathetic traffic. Greece should be stabilized. We should NOT arm Israel.

Once our forces are entrenched and stable, the disloyal and treacherous Russians should be expelled from the Baltics, Poland and the Ukraine. Those ethnic Balts, Poles and Ukrainians who have emigrated out of these nations, should be encouraged to return to them. Let the iron curtain close around Russia proper and contain the Soviet Union to the Russian bolshevik sheep who call for its return. Prevent Russians and Russian media from entering the West and cut off our technologies from them.