Sunday, March 02, 2014

I Have Long Suspected the Communists in Germany Would Make Their Move, and Now It Is Happening

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I knew it was very dangerous when communist Angela Merkel from East Germany became Chancellor. I have known many East and West Germans. They are very different people. I always had the sense that the East Germans remained communists and were biding their time to turn all of Germany over to the Russians.

All of Germany is now filled with a fifth column of East German Russophile communists. Not all East Germans are like this, but many are. They are clannish, childish, dogmatic and in love with State power and subversion. Merkel and Putin are working together to expand the Soviet Union in Europe, and the communists will soon flood Germany with propaganda to stab the Ukrainian Nationalists in the back. These communists have deliberately wormed their way into the press, educational system and government of Germany.

The New York papers, who backed Stalin, are now telling Americans there is nothing we can do stop KGB Putin. They post favorable pictures of a triumphant looking Putin and a distraught and despairing Obama. Make no mistake, the communists are making their move.

We have to organize for the 2016 US Presidential election campaign. We have several strong issues which will galvanize the American public to vote for us. Immigration, health care and now the traitorous gutting of our military at a time when the communists in Russia and China are expanding and threatening us are issues we can easily win on.

Please help me in warning the Germans that the communists are again attacking them. The communists of the Bavarian Soviet Republic of Germany, reincarnated as the communists of the DDR are in the process of subverting Germany and all of Europe. The American press is also thoroughly infiltrated with communists.

It is vital that we defeat Obama and Merkel politically. We could start an impeach Obama campaign, which would morph into a presidential campaign, by design. In this way, we could ingratiate ourselves to the voters and begin to educate them our issues.