Sunday, March 09, 2014

Is Putin Setting Russia Up for Invasion and Balkanization?

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If every nation acts in its own best interests, Russia will soon be completely isolated. China will move together with North Korea to take over Siberia and all of East Russia. America is a much larger economy than Russia. China needs Russia's land, not a Russian alliance. China would be far better off allying with the USA and NATO against Russia, than allying with Russia against the World.

Japan has already once defeated Russia. Japan is an American ally, and if China enters a non-aggression pact with Japan, China would be better off focusing on taking a large bite out of Russia, than trying to takeover the Pacific.

NATO is drawing Russian troops to the West, leaving the belly and rear end of Russia exposed to China, the USA, Pan-Turkey, the Koreas and Japan. Putin is creating the worst of all possible worlds for Russia.