Friday, March 28, 2014

. . .jeder solcher Schritt öffnet ein Tor, hinter dem sich nur Geheimnisse verbergen, und erst die Nachwelt weiß genau, wie es kam und was geschah.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Those fans of Adolf Hitler who are not knowingly working for the KGB to promote Putin worship, but nevertheless do, ought to watch what Hitler himself said were his reasons for going to war against the Russian bolsheviks:

Note that NATO has elected a communist to lead it, indicating that it is at present infested with communists to such a controlling degree that the communists already present are in control and were able to elect one of their own to its highest post. Note that communist Obama has fired many among the core of our nuclear strike national defense team.

We are being subverted by communists in preparation for a nuclear war against us, and the phoney neo-Nazis are cheering on KGB Putin, because they are themselves working for the KGB, just like NATO's contolling leadership and the Mulatto House.

Der Marxismus muß sterben damit die Nation wieder auferstehen kann.