Wednesday, March 05, 2014

KGB Putin Marrying the Orthodoxy to Communism: Why Putin's Christian Communism Mirrors the Neocons form of Christian Zionism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Even RamzPaul is noticing that KGB Putin is mimicking the neocons:

Vladimir Putin - The Russian Neo-Con

I have been exposing how the jews are trying to use Orthodox Christianity to create the abomination of Christian Communism in a fashion very similar to the way they used Protestant Christianity to manufacture the abomination of Christian Zionism.

KGB Putin's propaganda media are reminiscent of the neocon talking heads and networks. There are many other tells that the same thing which went on here is going on in Russia.

Ramsey Paul, however, misses the point. The neocons are headed by jews. They sprang from Trotskyites. The policies of perpetual war and perpetual revolution predate the neocons by decades and are key elements Trotskyism, and cabalah. Putin is another Trotsky, not another George Bush. Trotskyism entered the conservative movement by way of Leo Strauss and Irving Kristol, both jews. So yes, neoconservatism is bolshevism and is jewish in every sense.

One should also recognize the commonalities of the neocons Christian Zionism and KGB Putin's Christian Communism. Putinists in Russia and Greece are appealing to Orthodox Christianity in a holier than thou way, just like Christian Zionists. All other faiths are deluded, in their view, theirs being the one true. . . worship of KGB Putin and his assets. Recall that the communists are dogmatic, that they are totalitarian, and that they arrogantly assert that theirs is the one true politics. As such, it is an easy ruse to delude the faithful that Orthodoxy supports communism by simply exploiting and appealing to their personality type. Putin is cutting fanatical communists out of fanatical Orthodox cloth.

The communists always preached that the West is decadent and morally impoverished, and that only communists hold the moral high ground, being the justified dictatorship of the proletariat. Now, Putin is bashing gays and trying to show what a man he is to his adoring fans so as to create the illusion that he is moral and the West is decadent and imperialistic, which again are old communist themes. He trots out phony biker poseurs who appear to spend more time in front of mirrors making sure their hair is just right and their look perfected, than out cruising the streets, in an effort to bolster his image. It is all one big circus, and Putin desires to grow his tent over Eastern Europe by making communists of the Orthodox to mask his reconstitution of the Soviet Union as if a religious and pan-Slavic movement.

Putin's Christian Communism and the neocons' Christian Zionism find their common ground in Trotskyism, perpetual war and revolution to produce chaos that enables the jews to reshape the World to fit their messianic prophecies. It is truly cabalah, and RamzPaul needs some schoolin' if he would truly understand what is taking place.