Saturday, March 01, 2014

KGB Putin's Kosher Nazi in Ukraine Dmitro Yarosh Stamped Certified by Abe Foxman and the Israeli Ambassador

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dmitry Yarosh is sounding quite a bit like Vladimir Putin, who has pledged to defend jewry from antisemitism worldwide. Abraham Foxman wrote in his article, In Ukraine, New Government Must Reassure Jewish Community, (28 February 2014):

"Dmitro Yarosh, leader of Right Sector, met with Israel's ambassador to Ukraine, Reuven Din El, and told him that their movement rejects anti-Semitism and xenophobia and will not tolerate it. He said their goals were a democratic Ukraine, transparent government, ending corruption, and equal opportunity for all ethnic groups."

Couple this kosher certification with the fact that Yarosh is Putin's boy in the Ukraine, as revealed in this article, Maidan is not satisfied with the new government in Kiev and Kremlin considers Dmitry Yarosh to be the real ruler of Ukraine, (27 February 2014)

"It should be noted that new Ukraine is not able to solve Yarosh issue from the very beginning of the triumphant march of the revolution all over the country. It’s paradoxical but Russia actively supports the idea of Dmitry Yarosh being a member of the new government in spite of the fact that he is a fervent enemy of Russia.

When on February 21 the parliamentary opposition and a then President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych initialed the agreement on political settlement of the crisis, Kremlin emissary Russian ombudsman Vladimir Lukin refused to initial it by two main reasons. The first reason was an unclear status of Yanukovych – Russia could not understand to what extent he remained at the post of the President and if he could guarantee the execution of the agreement.

The second reason was that the agreement didn't stipulate the participation of radical opposition and first of all it's militant branch represented by Yarosh."

It is clear that Putin and Yarosh are working together to safeguard jewry's interests in the Ukraine. So who are the real Nationalists in the Ukraine and how do we support them against the attack from KGB Putin and the EU? Is it only the People themselves?

The situation is dire with communists crushing Europe from all directions. A Swede has issued an enlightening statement of the danger warning all humanity, though directed specifically to Ukrainians:

Fredrik Hagbergs speech to the Ukrainian Revolution