Thursday, March 06, 2014

KGB Putin's Ruined Image, and What It Means to Real Russians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As an American, I know well how the excesses of jew puppet presidents hurt our nation and how. Bush made us hated, but there was always the excuse that he was a neocon, and did not represent real Americans. Now Obama has shamed us, and KGB Putin has exploited this opportunity to portray Americans in general as if inherently evil. Putin has reinvigorated the communist refrains that America is decadent and imperialistic.

At the same time, KGB Putin and his propaganda media are relentlessly attacking America, primarily with disaffected and disloyal stooges who are traitorous American citizens, at the same time that Putin has provided American traitors with a megaphone, Putin has tried to build a cult of personality around himself as if a man of steel to rival Joe Stalin, despite the fact that the man is little, ugly and flakey. Putin's Trotskyite incursions into the Ukraine have destroyed any illusions that he is a good guy.

So now Russians in general are thrust on the two horns of the dilemma Putin has created through his Trotsky aggression. Now, the propaganda of the West will stigmatize Russians in general based on the criminal actions of Putin.

If Russians tout Putin as the new Premier of the Soviet Union, the West will cast Russians in general as an hopeless and eternal army of communist serfs, in love with a nanny State and unable to break free from the serf's love of master and dictator. We still remember how bloodthirsty the communists are and we will come to hate Russians as unrepentant mass murderers, given a second chance without retaliation, only to betray us again.

If Russians hide the fact that they are out to reconstitute the Soviet Union and combine it with Red China and India and the rest of Asia, to provide billions of Asians with which to flood Europe and infect all of it with communism, then Russians will be viewed as genetically prone to evil with no political or repression excuses. No longer will Russians be able to hide behind the excuse of communism to cover their genocidal crimes. They will no longer be able to mask their crimes behind a political ideology which allegedly held them captive. Instead, the World will view Russians as dangerous defectives who will not leave their neighbors in peace no matter what political party governs their nation of imperialistic and genocidal maniacs.

It is coming soon, Russians. The Christian Zionists are about to label Putin the anti-Christ and Russians and Russia as Gog and Magog. Russians are about to be named congenital communists, or simply evil by nature and incapable of political cure. Those Russians who invaded Eastern Europe under the bolshevik bandwagon, are now being viewed as an existential threat, and the Baltics are waiting for KGB Putin to move in on the pretext that the Russians are suffering. In fact, not long ago the Russians were wailing about their supposed mistreatment in the lands they criminally and murderously invaded.

As Russia betrays the White West, Turkey becomes a vital strategic ally for Europe and America. This is why Putin's communist fifth column in Greece is receiving support, despite its international reputation for being "fascist" and "Nazi". The Greek communists decry the New York jews, just as communists always decry "Wall Street", but they solidly back the communist jews of Russia, just like the Wall Street jews. Greeks are foolishly letting themselves be used as a wedge between Europe and Russia in hopes of financial support that will only bring war upon them, again.

But Putin will never again be taken seriously, despite the masses of monies he pours into self aggrandizement through his army of American traitors. That window of opportunity has now closed. The open question is whether or not he will succeed in dragging the reputation of Russia down with him. All his anti-American propaganda is about to backfire on him, and the Presidential campaign in 2016 will shine a spotlight on the horrors of Vladimir Putin and his betrayal of the West which forgave communist Russia only to be stabbed in the back, again. Americans are going to start thinking that we should have dropped an A-bomb on Moscow at the close of WW II, and that we should now demand reparations from Russia for its atrocities under communism.