Thursday, March 27, 2014

Now We Know Why NATO Has NOT Been Arming the Ukrainians, They Don't Want Them to Defend Themselves from the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The arithmetic of the Ukrainian situation was fairly simple. NATO was obliged by their own interests to provide food, weapons and military advisors to the Ukraine, so that if need arose, the Ukrainians could conduct asymmetrical warfare against the invading bolshevik Russians.

Now we know why NATO did not take this basic step to defend NATO's interests, they were more interested in defending the murderous jews in the Ukraine than the Europeans and Turks they are commissioned to protect. NATO could have ensured Russia's aggression turned into a suicidal occupation that would eventually bring down the nation. NATO could have provided the Ukrainians with the means to hurt Russia militarily and economically taking out expensive planes, tanks and infrastructure, should the need arise. Great Britain paid a heavy price for its Falkland's fiasco, and Russia could have been made to pay a far worse price for invading the Ukraine. But instead NATO saw as its mission the security of the IMF jews and the jews who are murdering Ukrainian nationalists on orders from Moscow.

Recall that the Ukrainian Parliament is the same pro-Russian Parliament it was before the phony Russian orchestrated coup. This same Russian subverted Parliament is selling out the Ukraine to both Russia and the EU/IMF as part of the original plan. Just as Putin drove the revolution into the hands of the EU, Putin's maiden, Tymoshenko and his Emanual Goldstein of many years, Yarosh, are driving the Russians, and Ukrainians of Russian descent, into Putin's bolshevik grasp, all according to plan.

The Ukrainian nationalists are being oppressed and driven out by both forces, which is why NATO insisted they not be armed to defend themselves or the nation of the Ukraine, from the Russian jews and from the EU jews, all controlled from above by the banking jews.

As a result, not only is the nation of the Ukraine is jeopardy, all of Europe is losing ground against bolshevist Russian expansionism into Europe.

And why has not NATO closed off all of Turkey to the Russians and to Russian sympathetic traffic? The KGB is busy working with Ergenekon and Golden Dawn to ruin Turkey and weaken NATO in this way. Why is NATO doing nothing to strengthen Turkey, the most crucial nation in the region to the NATO alliance at the present moment? Why is Turkey's ability to stop Putin NEVER mentioned in the press or in NATO?

If we are to succeed in our struggle against jewry and communism, we must take political control over the USA. No other nation can succeed against the jews, because the jews will sic both the USA and Russia on any nation that challenges jewish hegemony over the World, as the jews have done in the Ukraine. It is up to us in the US to stop the jews and we must realize that Putin is our sworn and proven enemy just as he is the enemy of those whom Putin calls "fascists" and Nazis" in the Ukraine. Putin has publicly pledged himself to defend jews the world over as if the jews were incapable doing anything that would warrant an act of self defense against their aggression. For Putin jews and only jews come first.

Again, we must participate in the coming Presidential election. The tragedy of the Ukraine proves that only we can stop the jews and we can never do this without trying. A revolution would only worsen our situation. We must become politically relevant and we must do so now.