Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pozner Poseurs, KGB Putin's Fifth Column of Internet Defectors and the Red Tidal Wave of Treason

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The life story of the communist jew Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner teaches us many valuable lessons which are helpful to understand KGB Putin's propaganda attacks on the United States of America. The "Ron Paul is god!" communist subversives who want a communist revolution to destroy America, are now constantly bashing America and attempting to create a homoerotic cult of personality around Vladimir Putin.

The international press, long controlled by communists, apologizes for Putin and attempts to make America appear weak and defenseless. They publish favorable photos of Putin making him appear strong and in control, and images of Obama which make him appear defeated and feckless.

The international peace organizations, which have their roots in the subversion of American efforts to combat communism, are silent on KGB Putin's crimes of aggression. Why is that?

The libertarians and objectivists practiced Trotskyite entryism to infiltrate White Nationalism, and are now outspoken anti-American propagandists and apologists for KGB Putin. The libertarians are calling for the balkanization of America and a gold standard, which would plant masses of communists on our shores and destroy our monetary system and economy for the benefit of Russia. These traitors are defecting to Russia on the internet in the hopes that they can bring communist Russia and communist China to America in the millions by balkanizing the US and giving California to the Chinese and Mexicans and New York to the jews and Russians. They are calling for monetary reform at the exact time Russia is threatening to wage war on the dollar, so to help Russians destroy confidence in the dollar.

The traitors are many, but they are not hard to spot. They always attack America and side with our enemies.

Obama and Merkel are subverting NATO, America and Europe in favor of the communists. The libertarians are standing in the way of our efforts to organize a political campaign to unseat the jews and communists from power.

These are very dangerous times. We must organize and fund a Presidential campaign for 2016. The communists are rotting out America and Europe from within and without. They are attacking our morale and inviting us to travel a thousand paths to hell. At the same time, they are glorifying our mortal enemies and calling on you to offer suggestions on how to destroy America and rebuild the Soviet Union. The treason is everywhere, it is a red tidal wave of blood sweeping away our national cohesiveness. We must build a rampart of American loyalty and patriotism to defeat the communists and preserve our lives and our nations.