Friday, March 07, 2014

Putin's Communist Gay Bashing and Its Antifascist Roots

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin's communist propaganda machine in America is attempting to prove that Putin is somehow antijewish and anticommunist due to the fact that Putin is a gay basher, sponsors the Russian Orthodox Church and wants to increase the birthrate of Russians. Even Putin's phoney fascist brigade is attempting to glorify Putin on this factually incorrect basis.

The facts are that Stalin criminalized the perversion of homosexuality in 1933 with Article 121, and the promotion of homosexuality in the West is part of a well known communist plot by the Frankfurt School of cultural marxists to undermine Western Civilization. The communists attack homosexuality in Russia, while promoting it in the West. Therefore, KGB Putin's gay bashing is only a facet of his dictatorial communist agenda. His use of propaganda and lies to glorify himself is also typical of his communist KGB tactics and strategies, as is his paid army of American traitors servings as his propaganda troops. Everything about Putin is commie to the core, and he follows the KGB play book to the letter.

Regarding Stalin's antifascist gay bashing, Andrew Hewitt summarized the relevant passages from Hans-Georg Stümke, Homosexuelle in Deutschland : Eine politische Geschichte, Verlag C.H. Beck, München, (1989), pp. 98-99; as follows:

"As Stümke notes in his Homosexuelle in Deutschland in reference to this article: 'In segments of the communist press homosexuality had already been designated an 'unproletarian' phenomenon before 1933; and during the first Roehm affair it was even held to be the basis of the 'Hitler racket.' After the Reichstag fire the line holding that homosexuality was the characteristic sexual form of National Socialism consistently prevailed' (98-99). Stümke further cites anecdotal evidence from Gorky of the parallel drawn in the Soviet Union between fascism and homosexuality, as well as concrete historical evidence of the recriminalization of homosexuality under Stalin. In the Soviet Union homosexuality was routinely evoked as evidence of 'the degeneration of the fascist bourgeoisie.'"--A. Hewitt, Political Inversions: Homosexuality, Fascism, and the Modernist Imaginary, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, (1996), p. 291-292.

It is ironic and telling that Putin's phony fascist apologists contend that his gay bashing is anticommunist, when it is in fact antifascist and wholly communist. Along with citing KGB Putin's gay bashing as if it were anticommunist and antijew, these paid apologists also attempt to apologize for Putin's love of Israel and jews on the basis that Putin sponsors the Russian Orthodox Church. Long before Putin, Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church in response to Hitler, and tried to increase the Russian birthrate. Putin is one upping Stalin, by creating a Christian Communism to serve as the dialectical alternative to Christian Zionism, and enlarge the Soviet Union to include Greece, as I have previously explained.

Putin's propagandists are lying to you. They relentlessly try to turn you against America, Europe and the West, as communists always have. They want you to despise and overthrow the American Government, and with it the US Constitution, so that they can balkanize our great and vast nation, plant enemies on our shores and enslave us.

Note that the bulk of the communist apologists hail from the libertarian and objectivist controlled opposition to communism. As I have explained elsewhere, this movement was sponsored by Soviet agent Ayn Rand, who was a member of the Trust sent to America to infiltrate and subvert anticommunist movements. Putin is carrying on this Soviet manipulation of American resistence to communism. His television propaganda network and the transition of the libertarians, antizionists and White Nationalists from Ron Paul hero worship to Putinism is contrived to destroy us from within, as is obvious, and it is very dangerous.