Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ron Paul, the "Alternative Media", Libertarian, Objectivist, Antiwar, White Nationalist and Antizionist Propagandists Are Working for the KGB

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul is working for the KGB. The Soviets want to destroy the dollar and constantly work to undermine confidence in the US dollar around the globe, as does Ron Paul.

The Soviets want to remove American influence from all nations around the World, so that they and the Red Chinese can fill the power vacuum. Ron Paul constantly bashes America for exercising any role in international affairs, while green lighting KGB Putin's international aggression.

The Soviets planted a fifth column in the Ukraine and then used it as a pretext to balkanize the nation following a Soviet instigated revolution. Ron Paul calls upon Americans to revolt and balkanize, while advocating open borders which are implanting several fifth columns on our shores.

Ron Paul and his well paid cast of vocal supporters constantly bash and demoralize Americans, while singing the praises of our enemies, chiefly Vladimir Putin and Red China. Ron Paul wants to destabilize and balkanize America in every conceivable way. Ron Paul wants to destroy all of America's alliances. Ron Paul and his cast of subversives are favorites of KGB Putin's anti-American and anti-European Kremlin TV.

Ron Paul is KGB!

Ron Paul helped put commie Obama in office. Ron Paul's son Rand Paul is being hoisted into the White House by the big jews. Rand Paul may well be our next KGB President if your fail to help me expose these traitors and run a true American patriot for President.

The KGB wants to do to America what it is doing to the Ukraine. Ron Paul sponsors both communist attacks on sovereign nations.