Friday, March 07, 2014

The Balkanization of the Ukraine and the Potential for an American Chinese Alliance Against Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russia has never paid a price for the genocide the Russians committed across Eastern Europe. Their claim to the Crimea is bogus and has no historic basis. Russians need no more land. Many empires lost territory upon their dissolution in the 20th Century. The Soviet Union is no exception. Instead of paying reparations to the nations they invaded and destroyed, as they should, the Russians are trying to reconstitute and expand their Soviet Empire.

KGB Putin is stealing the Crimea at gunpoint. This drives the rest of the Ukraine into the EU. Putin will not stop at the Crimea, but will instead build up troops at its border to bite off more of the Ukraine.

The EU will steal the remainder of the Ukraine as Putin grabs the Crimea. This will provide Putin with the pretext for stealing more of the Ukraine, as the pendulum ratchets back and forth between the jewish controlled socialist empire of the EU and the Soviet Union, each providing the pretext for the aggression of the other and the loss of sovereignty into the Jew World Order.

If Russia launches a war on NATO, their delusions of destroying the dollar and partnering up with communist Chinese will soon fail. The Chinese would be better off taking Eastern Russia for themselves, than losing their airforce and navy to the Japanese, Taiwanese, South Koreans and Americans. The Chinese may well become a NATO ally. All NATO would have to do is agree to let the Chinese keep the Russian territory they take and use Russia's land grab of the Crimea as a precedent.

In addition, the tradition of trade and cooperation between China and Russia, and the infrastructure for it, does not exist and cannot evolve under the conditions of WW III. Instead, both China and Russia will plunge quickly into an unrecoverable depression, and China will be forced to turn towards a Russian invasion. Wars make for strange bed fellows. Do not be surprised if the USA allies with China, should Russia attack NATO, just as the USA allied with the Soviet Union in WW II. The bonds of US and Chinese trade are much stronger and the ties already exist.