Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Communists Are Going to Campaign Against Putin, If We Sit Idle and Watch

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Libertarian communist Rand Paul is setting up to combat democrat communist Hillary Clinton, in their bid to instill more communist policy in the American Government, as they campaign against KGB Putin, while we sit by as bystanders to our orchestrated demise. Or, we can get busy organizing a Presidential campaign to defend America from the communists Putin, Paul and Clinton.

If we want Western Civilization to survive, then we must defend it. The best means we have to defend the West is to place in power a patriotic American President who will fight for America's best interests.

Our dissidents have been brainwashed to worship commie Putin and to look up to him to save the West by exterminating us. Open anti-Americanism cannot win a political campaign while the nation is under attack and the communists have brainwashed our dissidents to be openly anti-American and oppose a political solution to the subversion of America. Theirs is a recipe for American suicide.

Those who can be saved need to be shaken awake and grow out of their contrived anti-Americanism to embrace a pro-American political movement to unseat the communist Pauls and Clintons. The communists will use their own puppet Putin to create an incentive for Americans to vote for a communist, just as they have used their puppet Putin to drive the Ukraine into the EU and debt slavery to the IMF.

We need a voice to expose these crimes against us, a fresh untainted voice to speak up for America. We must do this soon because time is running out to launch a campaign for 2016.