Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Hope that Waits on the Other Side of Jew Puppet Putin and Jew Puppet Obama

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin is again selling Russia out to the jews. He is setting up Russia for a Chinese invasion. He is creating an international hatred of the Russian People. He is again going to imprison Russians behind an iron curtain, where no civilized nation will entertain the thought of allowing Russians to darken their shores. Already, visa restrictions are beginning.

Russians, get rid of jew puppet Putin and all that he represents, just as we should and must vote out the jew puppets in America in the coming elections. If real Russians and real Americans cooperated to liberate our nations from the jews, zionists and communists, we could protect each other with mutually assured preservation, rather than threatening one another with mutually assured destruction.

The choice is ours and the task is ours. We need only see through the self manufactured cults of personality and look ourselves in the mirror. It is not enough to wake up. We are now keenly alert. Now we have to get out of bed and do something. Now, we have to get to work taking real power from the jews and putting it to use for our own best interests.