Monday, March 03, 2014

The Reds Want to Foment World War III as a Christian Communist Versus Christian Zionist Battle of the Fanatics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin's reds in the "alternative media" have long been apologizing for Putin on the false premise that his support of the Orthodox Church and his gay bashing prove that he is against the jews. They also claim that Putin is anti-Muslim, while contradictorily pointing to his support of Muslim nations in their efforts to miscast him as if he were antijewish.

Communism has been thoroughly discredited. But Putin and his criminal gang of KBG thugs are planning to reconstitute and expand the Soviet Union to include. . . well, to include the globe. The first step is retake the Slavic States and incorporate Greece. Putin cannot do this by advocating communism outside of the Russian ethnicity. Instead, he is promoting Orthodox Christianity to form an empire out of the Slavs and Greeks, that will constitute the resuscitated the Soviet Union. Putin's propaganda machine is stigmatizing the West as Zionist and degenerate, and is offering up Christian Communism as if the antidote to Christian Zionism. It is the same old zionist versus bolshevist false dilemma game that Winston Churchill played, though Putin is playing the other side, both of which options pit Whites against Whites for the benefit of the jews, of zionism and of communism.

If Putin's commie gang of KGB thugs succeed in using Orthodox Christianity by converting it into communism, the same way the jews used Protestant Christianity by converting it into zionism, they will take over all of Eastern Europe, internationalize it under bolshevism and cut off Western Europe from energy reserves. They will steal prime White farmland and use it to feed the Chinese during World War III.

These new Christian Communists' tactics are identical to the jews' subversion of Protestant Christianity to convert it to Christian Zionism. They bash homosexuals and Muslims, just like the jew financed Christian Zionists. They point to biblical prophecies to paint the West as if the seat of the anti-Christ and Gog and Magog, just as Christian Zionists point to biblical prophecies to paint Russia and Islam as if the seat of the anti-Christ and Gog and Magog. They use the clergy to sponsor their politics, and their press pundits to provoke the emotions of the masses.

Putin's support of the Orthodox Church no more supports the absurd notion that he is antijewish, than Hagee's support of Protestant Christianity would support the absurd notion that he could somehow be antijewish. Both Putin and Hagee have vowed to defend the jews and Israel. Both Putin and Hagee are fanatically projewish. Putin is just dressing up the old Soviet Union as if it were an international Orthodox empire. That is his game. Poland won't buy it, but for them he dresses up the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact as if pan-Slavia. The Baltics he will simply take by claiming that they hate Russians and therefore deserve invasion.

Putin's degradation of homosexuals no more indicates an antijewish sentiment, than the Christian Zionists' degradation of homosexuals under Reagan and, I can't resist it, Bush. In both instances, the jews are using Christianity to pit Whites against Whites. They are manufacturing Christian Communism among the Orthodox and pitting it against Christian Zionism and Zionism generally to instigate World War III and secure Eastern Europe for the communists and to turn it into Western Asia. They are selling this crap under the guise of being moralists and patriots, just like the Christian Zionists. They are typical communists, deceptive and dishonest in all things.