Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Stab in the Back of the Ukrainian Nationalists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the onset of WW I, the jewish press in Germany fomented that nation into war. Following the Balfour Declaration, they become staunchly defeatist and ultimately ruined the nation at the close of the war.

The jewish press is now stabbing the Ukrainian Nationalists in the back. Instead of emphasizing the recomposition of the Soviet Union, and Putin's cowardly aggression against a vulnerable Ukraine, they are spitting on the Ukrainians they promised to support. The same press that hid Stalin's crimes are now backing Putin's crimes. So what are we going to do to defeat them?

Obama should be impeached and Hagel fired. The USA should begin a massive military build up to defend us from communism. Greece and Turkey should be stabilized and NATO enlarged. America and Europe should promote each others economies and work hard on energy independence. We should put an end to the communist takeover of South America. Most importantly, we should end our support of Israel and work on better relations with Muslim nations and repatriate Muslims to their native lands.

The jews are on their way to creating a Syria S.S.R. and an Iran S.S.R. When Israel realigns with Asia against Europe, such an expanded U.S.S.R. will completely cut off Europe from Eastern sources of energy.

The communists run our media and installed Obama to ruin our nation. They are now betraying the Ukrainians to the Soviet Union.

It is not enough to identify the problem. We have to organize politically to do something about it. The communists have built a vast propaganda network to subvert our dissidents and make them anti-American, anti-European, anti-NATO and pro-Putinism and Red Chinese. This is a very dangerous situation and threatens to get much worse quickly.

We need money and we need organization and we need them now. The communists certainly are not going to do our work for us.