Sunday, March 02, 2014

Those Who Know the Danger Should Speak Out

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the close of WW II, America, England and France abandoned Eastern Europe to the communists of the Soviet Union, strongly headed by Russia. This was done despite the fact that America had atomic bombs and could have prevented the communist imperialism that threw Eastern Europe into the dark ages. Jews then betrayed America and the Eastern Europeans and provided the communist Russians with our atomic bomb secrets.

During WW I, the jews overthrew the Czar and installed the communists, who brought the nation into famine. America aided the communists. Russian gold and other wealth filled the vaults of the jewish bankers who put the communists in power. Over the course of their reign, the communists of the Soviet Union and its satellites mass murdered over 50 million human beings. The jews spread communism to China, which divided the nation. The communists mass murdered another 60-70 million Chinese and took over Tibet, North Korea and Vietnam, with brutal mass murder and cruel repression.

In 1956, Hungary asked the West for help to defeat the communists. They were betrayed. In 1968, Prague was betrayed. Even as the Soviet Union appeared to close its doors in 1989, Gorbichov committed atrocities in Lithuania. In the 1970's the Vietnam War led to the rise of Pol Pot, the communist who mass murdered millions.

Trotskyite jews calling themselves neo-cons brought the USA into war after war mass murdering millions. Their communist stooge Obama is only now beginning to close these wars, after years of slaughter, and as part of the jews' strategy to weaken the West and leave it ripe for communist plunder. The wars we waged for the jews on Islam, were in reality wars on us to sap our strength and turn the World against us.

I fought against it, as it was happening, but now it is done.

Communism is the venom that seethes out from the fangs of the jews. The Ukraine is caught between three chief communist leaders, Putin, Obama and Merkel.

It is the duty of the Eastern European nations to stand up for the Ukraine against Putin. There should be protests at Russian Embassies in America and Europe against the criminal Russian attack on the Ukraine. I have heard the sincere concern of Eastern Europeans asking me, where were you, America, when we asked you for help to fight the communists? And so I now ask you, what are you doing for the Ukraine?

Eastern Europeans in America should be lobbying the Congress and the President to take a stronger stance against Putin's aggression, and to enable the Ukraine to form its own government on its own terms without this jewish mafia coercion. Putin, Obama and Merkel are squeezing the Ukraine on behalf of the jews. But they only have this power if we tolerate their communist collusion.

If we protest at Russian Embassies, the press will have to cover it. We should work hard at informing people through the internet to ensure a fair hearing for the Ukraine, as the jews spam against the Ukrainians, whom the jews set up to suffer in this meat grinder of communist forces striking them from all angles.

The reason America did not come to the aid of Eastern Europe and fight against the Russian communists who attacked you, is that America itself had been taken over by the same jews. That situation remains. Are we going to do something about it?

Why are we not organizing a political presidential campaign to unseat the communists from our government? They are destroying our military power as the Red Chinese and communist Russians are expanding their empires. Who will come to our aid in Western Europe and America, when the communists come ramming down our doors in masks and badgeless uniforms?