Saturday, March 01, 2014

Troubling Golden Dawn Putinism

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Golden Dawn has rejected Ukrainian Nationalism in favor of bolshevik Putinism and Soviet expansionism. Over several decades, they have morphed from an antichristian party into an orthodox party and are now openly supporting pan-Slavism and Christian Internationalism. In the past, they have had connections to Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein).

The pan-Slavic movement was engineered by jews, just as the pan-German and pan-Turk movements were engineered by jews. The jews used these empire generators to energize WW I. Golden Dawn has also claimed Turkish territory as Greek.

This Putinism and Christian Internationalism coupled with an open desire to claim Turkish land, puts Golden Dawn squarely in the bolsheviks' camp to destroy NATO power in Greece and Turkey, and to make the Soviet Union the masters of the Black Sea with an open route to the Mediterranean. Let's call the "Russian Federation" what is has proven to be, the Soviet Union. It appears that the recent goal of the Golden Dawn is to make the Ukraine and Greece into Soviet Socialist Republics. Golden Dawn's website states that they are opposed to personal ownership of property, which is the foundational belief of communism.

At the same time, the jews are destabilizing Turkey and have sent their puppet Erdogan into a world of chaos. Turkey is a NATO member. A military coup is in the works, and if the military takes a right–left leaning turn to Russia, then the bolsheviks will encircle the Black Sea and cut off Europe from the East and energy supplies.

The jews will then have the food resources they need to feed communist China in the event of their planned WW III. The Ukraine is being besieged by communists for the sake of China, not Russia. Putin and Golden Dawn are sponsoring orthodoxy as a means to generate an expansion of the Soviet Union into Greece.

Jobbik is another subject, perhaps for another day.

NATO needs to mobilize and take control of Greece and Turkey. They should immediately engage in joint exercises and set up to defend Western Civilization from the naked aggression of the Soviet Union. Those communist jews genocided one hundred million human beings in the 20th Century and they were only just getting started. They pretended to disband so that we would weaken our military might as they built up theirs. We have to wake up and fight back! Kosher Nazis are leading us straight into the bolshevik slaughter house.