Sunday, March 09, 2014

We Need a Massive Diplomatic and Propaganda Initiative to Counter KGB Putin's Aggressive Anti-Westernism and Threats to Take Down the Global Economy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin has established a fifth column of anti-Western propagandists in America and Europe. His television network spews out demoralizing anti-Western filth 24/7. Putin is exploiting American dissenters to use their brains to destroy the West for Putin. Putin is also threatening to form an alliance to destroy the dollar and the West.

An available antidote to Putin's poison is to expose our traitors and make their campaign to destroy us backfire on them. In addition, we should establish an anti-Putin network to expose his communist Soviet agenda and KGB campaign to destroy the morale of the West in preparation for a communist takeover. We need graphic artists to supply artwork propaganda depicting little Putin as what he truly is, a KGB tyrunt out to bury Western Civilization and grow the old Soviet Union.

The governments of the West should be working with the Chinese to ensure that if Putin tries to wreck the global economy, the Chinese will unite against him. Should Putin provoke a third world war, we should cooperate with the Chinese to encourage an alliance to stop Putin, and if need be grant China a large portion of Russia. This is Putin's doing, not ours, and if Russia supports him, it will be their undoing forever.