Saturday, March 08, 2014

Where Is Viktor Yanukovych?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For those too young to remember, the Soviet Union was notorious for lying about the status of its ill or dead leaders. For months, they would report that dead men were instead merely ill. Communists inherited an abundant willingness to lie and deceive from the jews.

Back on 25 Febraury 2014, I speculated that Viktor Yanukovych would be killed because he knew too much about Putin's involvement in the coup that resulted in Putin's attack on the Ukraine:

Will Viktor Yanukovych Live to Stand Trial? February 25, 2014

The press has variously reported that Yanukovych is now dead, or is gravely ill after suffering a heart attack, but his status is by no means clear. So we are left to wonder if Yanukovych was Sharoned by Putin, or merely quarantined, just like in the old days.