Tuesday, March 04, 2014

While the Ukraine Is Being Jewed, Putin and Obama War on Each Other, But No Mention of the Jews From Either One Other Than Concerns for Their Safety and the Safety of Their Investments

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Big jew money is heading towards the Ukraine, and rather than flocking from the Ukraine, the big jews are investing heavily in it. Why would anyone be willing to invest in the Ukraine, unless the game playing out before our eyes is fixed? The economy is a disaster and Putin has set the nation up to become the staging ground for launching WW III. Why would jews stay, and why would they invest in such a nightmare scenario?

Putin and Obama attack and threaten each other, but neither has a word to say about the jew oligarchs descending like vultures on the carcass of the Ukraine. Why is that? Putin is deeply concerned about the "Nazis" and "fascists", allegedly so concerned that he invaded the Ukraine to stop the Nazis. Why is he not equally concerned about the jews taking over the nation? Was that not the plan, a plan in which he is playing the leading role, all along?

Putin is handing the Ukraine over to the jews on a silver platter at gun point. He attacks the West, but his only mention of the jews is his fear that they are in danger from Nationalist Nazis.

Obama is the next biggest actor on the stage, and he is saying next to nothing, and absolutely nothing about the jewing of the Ukraine. The interesting thing is that Obama is not calling on NATO to secure the jews' investment in the deeply troubled Ukraine. Putin has it secured for them, by stalling and cutting off the Nationalists from power. Putin is securing the Ukraine for the jews, not Obama or NATO. The only person who had the power to coordinate each element of the coup, the protests, the inaction of the Berkut and military, and the flight of the President to Russia, was Putin and he followed the bolshevik play book to the letter.

With the well known history of the jewish oligarchs in Russia, Putin should be incensed that the jews are jewing the Ukraine, but speaks not a word about it. Why would he, the jew mafia is all one big happy tribe ripping off the Ukraine and he is their enforcer replete with masked gun men and an international media. Putin is holding the Ukraine at gun point, while the jew bankers pick its pockets. It is all truly disgusting!