Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Who's Getting Fat on Each Dipsy Doodle and Bounce Back of the Markets?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Think about how rich you could become if you had foreknowledge of each statement and action Putin and Obama would make and take, and I do mean take, on the Ukraine. I wonder what worms would come out from the woodwork if it became known who has profited from the ups and downs of the relevant markets in recent days. It would be a real clue as to who is orchestrating this theft of the Ukraine.

I believe it was Bernard Baruch who said in his autobiography that the close of depressions were the best times to make the most money. Imagine the money being made by the puppet masters who hold the strings of Putin and Obama, just by knowing what they will say and do, and when. Disasters for others are a banquet for the jews.