Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zionism Versus Bolshevism. Paul Versus Paul. Heads, Jews Win. Tails, You Lose.

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For years, I have been warning that Ayn Rand was a Soviet "Trust" agent, and that Ron Paul is a communist controlled opposition agent. See, among many other of my articles:

Ron Paul, "Ayn Rand" and "The Trust", January 10, 2008

If Russia and Red China Are Controlled by the Jews, Then Why Would They Ever Oppose Israel or the USA? July 02, 2012

Ron Paul, who perpetually tries to undermine confidence in the US dollar and destroy American global influence in favor of Russia and Red China, and who calls upon us to revolt against our government and secede from the USA, and who further wants us to open up our borders to various fifth columns of foreign communists and likely potential communists, Ron Paul is more vigorously campaigning for KGB Putin's bolshevik aggression than he did for his own Presidential campaign by means of which he helped shoehorn communist Barack Obama into the White House, twice. See, among seemingly countless other examples:

After intially calling for the USA to succumb to Putin's bolshevik aggression without a fight:

and, at the same time that Ron Paul is cheerleading for bolshevik Putin, Rand Paul defends Putin and parrots my prior insights that Putin is driving the Ukraine into the hands of the EU, though Paul puts a pro-Putin spin on my insight:

See, among my even earlier articles:

KGB Putin Is Rattling His Sabre to Drive the Ukraine into the EU: The Kosher Carrot and the Bitter Bagel, February 26, 2014

Both the bolshevik Paul and the zionist Paul are KGB Putin apologists, as are most libertarians, because the entire movement is a Soviet controlled opposition front for communist expansion meant to undermine US interests, demoralize American youth and generate a bolshevik revolution in America. See, among numerous other previous articles by me:

The Contrived Putin Worship Among Libertarians, White Nationalists and Antizionists and Its Intended Effects in the 2016 Presidential Election, February 17, 2014