Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't Take the Bait, Trump!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At first, the media covered everything Donald Trump did and said, hoping that he would trip up, or at least say or do something the media could misconstrue in a negative way. Now, that having failed, the media are deliberately ignoring Trump. They are doing so in part to bait Trump into doing or saying something unforgivable and so damaging that it will destroy his campaign and public image.

The media know that Trump depends upon coverage to increase his lead in the primary. They also know that the Republican Party is trying to sabotage Trump's campaign.

The Republican Party should have seized upon the Border Patrol Union's having interfered with the local and Trump's plans in Laredo to expose the illegal alien problem, to savage the Democratic Party and Obama, but instead they are attacking their own leading candidate; and not only not supporting him, but joining in the chorus of the Democrats to savage Trump. The Republican Party leadership is effectively disenfranchising their own membership and sabotaging their own party in favor of the Democrats and the Democrats' communist agenda.

The media are praying that Trump feel increasingly compelled to do and say increasingly provocative things and stray from his core message, which causes so much consternation to the communists. They are trying to force Trump to step in it merely to remain relevant and in the public eye. He must not tread upon their trap.