Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Media Are Trying to Train Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a national disgrace that the media are exploiting the First Amendment to destroy our political process and deny the leading Republican candidate his First Amendment rights. The media are trying to train Trump to remain silent, or change his message. That failing, they discriminate against him and exclude him from the public discourse.

The media are torturing Trump when he says something they don't want said, while rewarding him every time he speaks on Israel's behalf over the best interests of Americans. The media want to exclude Trump's voice from the public arena. They want to form the news rather than report on it. They want to choose the candidates, rather than informing the public of the candidates' political views so the public can make an informed choice in the election.

It is truly shameful that we Americans tolerate this jewish media which not only tries to train and brainwash Trump to stop speaking out for Americans' best interests, but in doing so, and in countless other ways, is training and brainwashing Americans to abandon our own best interests in favor of those who would destroy us. Trump should defend Americans' rights to hear his positions and host his own events to blast the media every time he is excluded from the public discourse, while unapologeticly stating his political stances. His ratings will beat theirs, and new media will arise to profit from the exposure by covering it.