Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate Contrived to Bash Muslims, Scapegoat America and Cover Up Jewish Crimes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the American Presidential debate, we witnessed the classical spectacle of a jewish moderator hosting American politicians in order to pit America against a jewish based religion, Islam, while the jews concurrently agitate the Muslims to attack another jewish based religion, Christianity. Nearly the entire long theatrical performance was devoted to jingoisms ginning up more wars against the people the jews have provoked us against in the past, the Muslims.

Little was said about the attacks on our nation from the communists. No words were spoken to condemn immigration as a means to bring about a demographic shift in White countries. It was all about provoking Muslims and Christians against one another for the benefit of the jews.

These jew puppets blamed American Presidents for the wars the jews provoked and hailed Israel as if an innocent victim of its own war on the human race. They scapegoated us for jewish crimes and chided us to repeat the same mistakes in the name of remedying those same mistakes.

The jews have led us to slaughter MILLIONS of innocent Muslims, and we cry foul and condemn a billion people when brainwashed maniacs kill a few dozen? This is the Protocols made flesh and blood. It will be our blood and it will spill to fill the lows of our lost souls.

This call to more war is beyond shameful, it is suicidal, and it echoes to our ears from the halls of jewish power. We must stop immigration from lands which are destructive of our interests, our culture and our blood, because it is exterminating us; not to provoke wars against the jews' enemies for the benefit of jewish communism, and to our ultimate destruction.

Shame on us for not fielding a Presidential candidate who would speak these truths and expose the jewish puppet masters bringing the World to ruin.