Monday, December 14, 2015

Russia and Turkey Are Allies in Starting WW III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Russia invaded the Ukraine, NATO should have responded by having Turkey close off the Bosophorus and Dardanelles. Instead, NATO enabled Russia and installed KGB agent Jens Stoltenberg at its head. Turkey and Russia made several large deals to fund Russia's military expansion. Russia and Turkey, together with Israel, sponsored ISIS and used it as an excuse to further depopulate Syria and to introduce Russian forces into an Arab Islamic nation.

Recently, however, Turkey and Russia are staging events leading up to war. All of the recent provocations show the tell tale signs of having been contrived by both Russia and Turkey working together, just as Israel and Turkey staged the attack on the Mavi Mamara.

I believe that this is happening as a response to Donald Trump's enormously successful bid for the Presidency of the United States. He is pledging to make America even greater than it has ever before been. The jews have been destroying America with a demographic shift through immigration, miscegenation and low White birthrates; as well as jewish instigated self consuming wars and economic disasters. The jews do not want America to be great again. They want us to hate ourselves and invite our enemies into our home.

The jewish response to the likelihood of a Trump presidency is to provoke a war between NATO and Russia that will consume us both and leave Red China as the jews' red hammer and sickle with which to enslave and exterminate humanity. China is slated to become the next Esau to soldier and slave for jews, enslaving the rest of the Goyim in a global concentration and extermination camp. That is if the jews fail in their campaign to trigger a nuclear war. Already their agents in the alternative media are calling upon Russia to destroy Turkey with nuclear weapons, and this from the same voices that decry the Fukushima disaster. I suspect this contradiction can be explained by the fact that these Russian apologists want to ruin Japan in Russia and Red China's interests by stigmatizing Japanese products and Japan itself. They are also participating in the jews' communist plan to instigate a war between Russia and NATO.

The jews are planning to exploit a Trump presidency to their advantage, whatever it foretells for the future of America and the White Race. One of the ways the jews will accomplish this end is to weaken NATO by creating a Muslim Turkish versus White Christian America and Europe divide. They will then infect both American liberals and conservatives with anti-American and anti-European self hatred accompanied by philo-Russism.