Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Will We Do When the Communists Take Over the World's Natural Resources and Employ Slave Labor Against Us?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews' puppet Presidential candidates decry Obama for not using the term "radical Islamic extremist," but I do not hear them attacking communism. They condemned North Korea and called upon Red China to rein in the North Koreans, but not once addressed the international communist plan to enslave humanity. Are they unaware that Russia has always had more influence over North Korea than Red China, and that Russia installed the ruling communist family? Are they unaware that Russia is governed by the communist KGB agent Vlad Putin?

Are our saviors ignorant of the fact that the communists are taking over the World, and seek to control the energy of the Middle East and the natural resources of Africa and Siberia for the exclusive control of the communist Chinese?

It appears that they are deliberately diverting our attention away from the jewish communist threat, by pitting us against Islam, weakening both sides as they bolshevize the West and Islam, and draw our attention away from the communist threat. But what are we going to do to compete industrially and militarily against the communists when they have all the natural resources at near no cost, and add the value of labor at virtually no cost? Think of the military they are going to construct under this new order!

Consider also the territorial gains they are making at our expense. We have lost control of Africa and all White nations are being invaded by Asians, Latinos and Africans.

Do not let the jews deceive you into looking away from them. They are the source of our extermination. We must fight them politically if we are to survive.