Saturday, June 18, 2016

Donald J. Trump: A Personality Profile

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on 5 November 2008, I published a psychological profile of Barack Obama which has proven to be 100% accurate over the course of his two presidential terms.

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

I will not bother doing the same with Hillary Clinton at this time, because all thinking people know that she is a witch and a puppet of higher powers. The horrors of a Clinton presidency are too gross to ponder.

I chose to do a psychological profile of Barack Obama only because he has no personality. He is a psychopathic machine obeying the orders he receives from the jews. For Trump, I elect to do a personality profile. Trump actually has one, a personality that is, and it governs his behavior and helps us to forecast what we can expect from him should he become our next president.

The first thing to know about Trump is that he does not function based on principles, but rather on priorities. He operates under jewish situational ethics. First he sets his priorities, usually making money, and then he form fits his agenda and his stances to conveniently fulfill those priorities.

In terms of business and the law, he has no problem whatsoever acting unethically and against the best interests of the nation if the law permits. He inherited his thinking from the Milton Friedman and Leo Strausian school of screw America for what is good for the jews, and lie to Americans as you do it. The University of Chicago, once a heterosexual Christian school, has produced a plethora of unethical jewish thought and vomited it on our populace. The Trotskyite neoconservative movement owes a large debt to the lifelong zionist Leo Strauss, who taught at the University of Chicago.

Trump has a lot of Friedman and Strauss in him, and as a result, nothing he says can be trusted, because he believes that lying is both necessary and justified to accomplish his priorities. Trump also believes that by doing what is good for the jews, he will attain his present priority, which is to become president. Like Reagan, he is exploiting an opportunity the jews created, by opposing Mexican immigration. Like Reagan, he may grant the largest amnesty to Mexicans in history and further open the borders. If it suits his priorities, he will do so and give no consideration whatsoever to principles or the values of our Republic. And Trump has a large body of jewish thought to fall back on to justify his evil nature and deception of the American public.

Trump has duped the evangelicals into believing he is one of them. This serves his priority to do what is good for the jews, as he is fueling their jewish created bloodlust to attack Muslims en masse. But Christ blessed the peacemakers, and Trump is talking war, war to profit the jews in countless ways, one of which is the destruction of America, which Trump pledges to make great again by making it the slave of the jewish war machine.

Reagan wore a union hat as he campaigned, then screwed over the unions, including PATCO, and the airports have been in decline ever since. Trump says in the same breath that he will defend the second amendment, then calls for the government punish dissent by selectively and arbitrarily depriving citizens of their second amendment rights by means of accusation without trial. This immoral stance fits Trump's priorities, in that he wants the democratic vote, and he wants to vilify the Muslims for the benefit of the jews.

In the same breath that he calls to ban Muslim immigration, and send Mexican illegals back, Trump screams openly and loudly that he will literally pour in a massive invasion of immigrants who hold our values, meaning Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese to steal our jobs and replace our genetics and he will make it the law to do so. Trump likes to lie to his base, because his personality demands that he instruct, not follow. He is telling his followers what to do to serve his agenda. He is not serving their desires or needs. He wants their vote, and that is all. They can and will be damned once he holds the reins of power in his expensively manicured teeth.

Trump loves to deceive, it is his art and the jews provide him with the philosophical justification he employs to excuse his deceit, i.e. he is a businessman and therefore has no ethics or duty to god or country, only to profit. He is not a Christian, not by a long shot. He is thoroughly jewish in his personality and his actions, which is why the jews made him a celebrity.

Trump does genuinely prefer the common people to the elite class, because he senses no competition from them. He sees them as children, as pets, to be coddled and trained and deceived. Like Reagan, the great deceiver, Trump appeals to the common man's need for a parent to guide him and the nation. But even children sense when they are being treated unfairly, and Trump is an extremely unfair person. That is how he made it.

We need someone infinitely more authentic than the con man Donald Trump to preserve the White Race and make America great again. Trump is only out to make America serve the jewish war machine again. And Hillary Clinton is even worse.

There is a golden opportunity to steal Trump's thunder and at the very least provide a pressure on him to obey the will of the authentic American People. Will anyone from our hundreds of millions seize the opportunity?

Why does the press never ask Trump how he will manage the industrial growth he hints at, in such a way as to safeguard the environment? Is he going to open up our land to foreign buyers and sell off our natural resources to the lowest bidders working for the jewish bankers? How does he plan to pay off the debt? Is he going to give America away to the usurers, or lock them up in concentration camps?

No, Trump is not going to help us. He is going to sell us out to the jews in every way he can. He is already doing so by backstabbing us on the 2nd Amendment and pledging our military and NATO to serve the interests of the jews, the communists and the zionists, instead of the White Race.