Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Communist/Zionist Jewish Agenda Advances in the Wake of the Bloodbath

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Communist Hillary Clinton and the jewish media are attacking our fundamental rights to keep and bear arms, because their ilk welcomed in an invasion Muslims after first making them anti-American by destroying their nations and slaughtering their people. All sense of proportion is rendered nonsense by the emotion evoked by the terrorist attack. It is lost on the American People that the jews have caused us to mass murder tens of millions of Muslims and ruin entire functional nations for the benefit of the jews. Fifty dead pales in comparison to those horrors.

Let us not focus so much on ending terrorism as on ending the invasion of our White nations, and on ending the jews' perpetual wars and perpetual revolutions. Even friend Trump is falling into the jews' trap and is forwarding the jewish communist/zionist agenda while failing to name our foremost enemy, the jews.

It is the jews who brought all this upon us. The jews brought us into war in the Middle East. The jews stole Palestine from the Muslims. The jews let in millions of Muslims into our nations. The jews weakened us with the cold war and sent our industries overseas and south of our border. The jews weakened us by glorifying homosexuality and degrading the normal family.

But Trump blames only and all Muslims for what the jews have sown. Trump benefits both the zionist and the communist agendas in his response to the Islamic terror attack on our People. Trump wants to replace the jews' cold war with a hot war on Islam. He wants to change the purpose of NATO from protecting us from communist imperialism, to turning us into an aggressor against Islam. This also profits the communists by lowering our shield against their aggression and drawing attention away from them. Trump also wants to erect an iron curtain around Islam while leaving us open to communist infiltration and spying.

The jews have Trump doing their bidding by turning our guardian armies into slaves to fight jewish wars which will make the jews supreme in the Middle East. Wars which will further indebt us to the jewish usurers, and send our young fertile citizens into war in the prime of their lives, reducing our populations and harming some of our otherwise healthiest childbearing folk. Trump wants to build our militaries to soldier for the jews and fight wars which will harm us.

ISIS is a jewish communist creation led by Putin. Putin is planning to ruin us by drawing us into endless self consuming wars. Trump is calling for more intelligence cooperation with our "allies", meaning no doubt the Israelis who are quick to sell our intelligence to Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea. Trump is more about profitting Israel than making America great again. It is no coincidence that we have gone in decline as Israel rose.

The jews and their media, and their puppet Clinton oppose Trump and do the other harm that he is not doing to benefit the jewish communist/zionist cause. They are scapegoating Whites and the rights of Whites for the crimes they have deliberately provoked.

We do not win by cheering on either side in this tango to our demise. Trump is better solely because he draws attention to the immigration disaster plaguing our People, but he does not name who is behind it, rather he placates them and promises our forces to their cause; and he focuses our attention on how the Asians and Mexicans are shafting us economically, while benefitting from the stability our military might provides. But Trump hides the fact that it is the jews who have subverted our nation and built up the power of our enemies with our industries, technologies and monies.

Trump's jingoisms only help by uniting Whites against the invasion. But if he, like Hitler, leads us into endless wars which weaken us before our communist and zionist enemies, what profit will we make from his presidency?

We need a charismatic leader to steal Trump's thunder and prevent him from leading us into disaster. But we must not empower that witch Hillary Clinton, whose black charms will surely cast us into the abyss quicker than Trump's war drums.

Many of histories jewwisest were pacifists, including Jesus and Wagner. Trump cannot be a warmonger and protect us from the jews. While he has disowned "nation building", he maintains its true jewish taint, which is nation wrecking. Trump talks like a jewish nation wrecker, which was of course always the jewish goal behind so-called "nation building", the nation they sought most to wreck being the United States of America.