Monday, June 20, 2016

The Malodorous Scent of the KGB

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The KGB/FSB has thoroughly infiltrated western media, both mainstream and alternative. They have also generated a new breed of politicians who do their bidding.

Fortunately, these communists are easy to sniff out and their tracks are deep and distinctive. But the politicians take a slightly different tack from the alternative media propagandists and pundits.

The KGB wants to prevent Christians and Muslims from ever uniting against the jews. The KGB also wants to expand communist territory to include all of Europe, Australia and North and South America. It is their goal to subvert NATO and SEATO and turn them against Islam, so as destroy both Islam and the West.

Russia used to consider itself an important member of Western Civilization. The KGB has sought to spoil that relationship and render Russia Asian, rather than European. The KGB has infiltrated and subverted the Russian Orthodox Church to make it anti-Western and anti-Fascist. The communists no longer struggle against the Bourgeoisie. Instead, they battle against the West and nonexistent Fascists, whom they fabricate from dissident movements in the West.

The supposedly nationalistic politicians the KGB have constructed can be identified by the fact that they are rabidly anti-Islamic, while vehemently pro-jewish, most often with strong familial ties to jewry and Israel, as in the instance of the Trumps and the Le Pens. These politicians ensure that Christians and Muslims never, ever unite against the jews. At the same time, the communists have installed internationalist politicians, who flood the West with Muslims, in the hopes of destroying White blood, White cohesion and the continued existence of Western Civilization.

The communists want a third world war in order to fulfil jewish messianic prophecy. Their jewish plan is to pit Islam and Christianity against one another and leave the jews standing as rulers of the ruined Earth. It would upset their plans if Islam and Christianity worked together for their mutual benefit to throw off the yoke of the jews from humanity. This is why Putin created ISIS in order to pit Muslims and Christians against one another and provide a pretext for war weary and wary America to again invade and destroy Muslim nations, which will in turn cause an even greater influx of Muslims into Europe and America, and destroy Europe and America in self consuming wars fought for the benefit of the jews against the best interests of the West.

ISIS also attacks on Putin's orders to profit Putin's politicians, Trump and the Le Pens, by promoting their anti-Islamic crusades. It helps Putin create and maintain a rift between the artificially pro-gay West and the artificially anti-gay KGB and the Muslim world, shaking the fault lines to separate us into two opposing camps on the most unimportant, irrelevant and senseless, but yet thoroughly emotional levels and issues.

Assets of the KGB in the alternative media bear several revealing characteristics. They relentlessly attack America, the West and NATO, while pretending to be patriots of Western nations. They also attack gays, and promote an emotional and delusion anti-Islamic interpretation of Christianity, especially promoting the KGB's Russian Orthodox Church over any Western church.

These pundits and propagandists for the KGB are staunch Russian and Putin apologists--the real tell. They often assert that they are Fascists, but promote communist personalities, interests, icons and images, while railing against Western Civilization and our alliances.

The KGB alternative media is also heavily focused on attacking Islam and preventing any unity between Western Civilization and Islam against jewry.

To the Muslims, they promote hatred of the West and blame every event on false flag terrorism supposedly done by the West, but often truly the product of the KGB. To the West, they promote an often irrational hatred of Muslims, and again scapegoat America for all the crimes of the Russians and Chinese against America and Western Civilization. They are apologists for Putin, Russia, North Korea and China, and viciously attack America and NATO.

They call for revolution and secession in the West, trying to balkanize us and pit us against ourselves and our governments for the benefit of the communists. And they want war against Islam, especially and currently Putin's organ of attack and destabilization, ISIS, which Putin has sent into nearly all of Islam in preparation for world war.

If you want to know what the smell of billions of rotting corpses will be, catch of whiff of the KGB. It will be easy to find, for it is blowing in the winds all over the world.