Monday, June 13, 2016

The Orlando Massacre and KGB Putin's Agenda

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Orlando massacre, in which an Islamic terrorist murdered scores of helpless people in a gay nightclub, fits in with communist chieftain Vladimir Putin's plans to fracture the fault lines in Western Civilization and bring about turmoil and war on American soil. While the jews and communists in America do all they can to sponsor and promote deviant sexual behavior in the West so as to rot us out from within, the communists in Russia, as they have always done, decry this decadence and try to stomp it out. It serves as a pretext for them to condemn and destroy us, much like the phony fascist groups the communists sponsor and promote in Western Civilization, which provide the communists in Russia and the jewish created antifa with a pretext for communist imperialism and the loss of our fundamental rights and national sovereignty.

Putin created and runs ISIS. Putin causes international furor over the issue of gay rights. It seems to be too much of a coincidence that a self proclaimed asset of Putin's ISIS has committed mayhem at a gay bar in America.

This will prompt gun sales, and internal conflict over gun rights and the Muslim invasion of America and Europe. The communists will benefit from this internal conflict in their quest to drive us into civil war and revolution. The jews will benefit from the increased likelihood of Western attacks on Islamic nations. The jews always seek chaos for they belief it provides them with the cosmic goo they need to reshape our world into the hell they have planned for us.

The guns rights issue is used by the jewish controlled government to prompt us to arm ourselves in preparation for the revolution and civil wars the jews have planned for us. They do not want real gun control, rather they want us to be armed to the teeth when we commence to slaughtering each other.

We should seize on this moment to reform what is ours into its intended state. America was founded as a White homeland and national sanctuary to safeguard our fundamental rights and our blood. The presence of these alien elements not only has cost us our blood, their acts of terrorism are used as a pretext to take away our rights. So let us take political action to not only stop the invasion of our shores by Middle Easterners, Asians including Indians and Pakis, and Africans; but also to repatriate those who are already here and take back our homeland from them.

Gays, typically quite liberal and welcoming of hostile alien elements, should realize that Islam will exterminate them and is already killing them off. Communists, too, have always killed off gays. Gays are not only foolish to embrace the jewish agendas of communism and internationalism, they are suicidal for doing so. The jews are using gays to provoke civil unrest and to provide a pretext for hate crimes laws and gun regulations that will strip us of our liberty, but they are killing you off to meet this agenda.