Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Are Lesbian Communists Above the Law in America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have to ask if the FBI has placed lesbian communists above the law in America, given that the FBI has failed to infiltrate and prosecute the lesbian communists who sought to murder Whites exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to free speech and assembly in Sacramento and to intimidate any who would undertake a like expression of freedom; and further that the FBI has publicly stated that Hillary Clinton has broken the law but recommended that she not be prosecuted for her crimes and sought to stigmatize any such prosecution as if unreasonable. The mission of the FBI is to investigate crime and recommend prosecution when it discovers probable cause for charges.

The FBI has made the false determination that no intent was found in its investigation of Clinton, but confused the nature of "intent" or knowledge with the intent to commit treason, as opposed to the intent to send the emails she did in fact send. The issues are distinct, and the FBI has made a political decision to excuse Clinton's crimes on a false and misleading basis.

The Clinton's were reared in an atmosphere of treason throughout their political lives and have committed treason on numerous occasions in seemingly countless ways, selling out our country to the communist subversion of our economy and our military by giving away our industries and trade to the communist Chinese and the communist ambition of a North American internationalist union, and by furthering the communist Chinese nuclear weapons program. She and her husband have a history of treason against America and her intentions must be viewed from that historical perspective.

Regardless of that, though, her intent to email classified, even top secret information is beyond doubt. Intent to email classified information is a separate and distinct issue from intent to commit treason and harm the USA. Her intent to email is proven. The republicans are calling for congressional inquiries into this matter, with a special prosecutor, after the fashion of the investigations of Bill Clinton. The democrats will try to weasel out of this and energize their constituency by calling this a partisan effort to effect the presidential election, but the republicans are fully justified into investigating the watchers in this matter.

Clinton's ties to Goldman Sachs and the fact that Ryan is making this call, cast suspicions on whether or not Clinton will take a fall for the Jews by design. At any rate, if that is their plan, at least a Trump presidency appears infinitely more hopeful than another Clinton reign of treason.

GOP to examine FBI decision on Clinton emails