Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Communist Jew Ruth Bader Ginburg Is Attempting to Change the Subject of Public Discourse from Comrade Clinton's Crimes to Her Hatred of Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump is unwise to tangle with the jewish snake Ginburg to the exclusion of capitalizing on the Clinton scandal. Trump is taking the bait and it is heavily dosed with jewish poison.

Ginsburg is ruining her reputation and falling on her sword to deflect attention away from Clinton, Comey and Lynch, and onto Trump. The jew is waving her hands and screaming to distract us from the government corruption on display in the latest Clinton scandal.

Instead of obliging the disloyal jew, Trump ought to point out the obvious fact that the corruption of the democrats reaches into the Supreme Court in the hideous form of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He ought to tie Ginsburg to Clinton and make it clear that Ginsburg is violating the separation of powers to influence the presidential campaign to favor Clinton and distract from her crimes. Ginsburg is also exploiting her role in government to deflect the public's attention away from government corruption and the whitewashing of Clinton's crimes by Comey and Lynch.

Ginsburg's bias and corruption are clear. She is covering up for government abuses and is attempting to ruin the republican party's nominee for president's campaign. How can she claim to be an impartial servant of the American People ruling in the highest court of the land, when by her own statements she is a biased jew who wants to ruin the presidential campaign of Donald Trump?

Stay focused, Trump. You have to defeat Clinton, not Ginsburg. You will have your chance to replace Ginsburg after you are elected. For now, tie her and her disgraceful conduct to Clinton and keep the focus on Clinton's crimes and her corruption of the courts and law enforcement in the personages of Ginsburg, Comey and Lynch. The corruption runs deep and is on full display in this long series of unprecedented betrayals of public office and the American People.