Friday, July 22, 2016

Dangerous Donald, Traitorous Trump and the Jewish Agenda: The Protocols of Donald Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I will attempt to lay bare Donald Trump's jewish agenda for America and the world. I posit that he is a New York communist working to complete the work of Hollywood communist Ronald Reagan. Reagan employed the fanatical Russian and Putin apologist Paul Craig Roberts. Reagan helped the communists fake the break up of the Soviet Union, and put the jewish oligarchs in power to rape Russia and Eastern Europe. Reagan helped the jews to ruin the Russian people. Reagan granted amnesty to illegals, fought the unions and raped the middle class.

Protocol I: Israel First, Russia Second, America and Our Allies Never

In the name of putting America first, Trump has instead openly subverted our interests in favor of Israel and Russia, by trying to destroy NATO, and that failing, to make it a slave army for fighting Israeli wars. The neocon jews are transitioning their communism from trotskyism to stalinism.

Trump wants to play the role of Stalin and reinstate the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, divide Europe, then reinstate the terms of Malta, to be followed by the complete invasion of Europe by the communists. Trump will help the communists to take over all of Islam and place it behind an iron curtain, where Muslims will be completely oppressed and have no rights to speak out against the jews.

Trump will work with Putin's ISIS to use it as his Emmanual Goldstein to create perpetual revolution and perpetual war, that will provide a pretext for our oppression and the destruction of our lives and resources. Trump will lock us into perpetual war against Putin's ISIS.

This will weaken Islam and Western Civilization and leave us both ripe for complete bolshevization. While we fight each other, the jews will steal all we have and go unmentioned except as supposed permanent victims of all. The jews will scapegoat all of us for the crimes they commit.

Trump has given us a multicultural convention, which in many ways has mirrored Stalin's multicultural propaganda movie from 1936, "Circus". Trump is setting us up for his flood of foreign anti-White immigration.

Protocol II: Create a Chinese Diaspora and an Asian Invasion

Trump wants to replace Mexican illegals with a far larger influx of Chinese and other Asians. The communists do not want Mexico and the rest of Latin America to prosper. Instead, they want to push them into bolshevism through misery.

In the name of filling vacant housing left behind by expelled Latinos, restoring the economy and creating jobs, Trump will grossly change our immigration laws to fast track an Asian invasion, and instead of green cards, he will give them passports and citizenship, quickly. He will try to collapse China, so as to sponsor a diaspora of Chinese to fill Europe and America, where they will promote miscegenation, communism and the oppression of White People.

Putin wants to take the Baltics and all of Europe, not because Russia needs more territory for its people, nor because Russia needs natural resources, but rather because the communists want to replace Europeans with Chinese, Africans and Middle Easterners. This is the only reason why Putin wants to take Europe. And Trump will help Putin in every way he can, starting with destroying NATO, or sending it into the Middle East to weaken it and force it consume itself while turning away from the communist threat.

Protocol III: Create a Police State and Purge the Political System

In the name of law and order, Trump will create a police state and curtail our freedoms. He will create a secret police and purge the media, academia and judiciary to favor those who will allow the jews to rape America in the name of freedom.

In the name of freedom and job creation, Trump will sponsor jewish robber barons and will empower wallstreet to rape our natural resources, giving them our national lands, our gold, and removing regulations that protect land, air and water, as well as food. Trump will allow the jews monopolize our utilities and water supplies. He will allow them to create toll roads everywhere and tax everything we do.

Protocol IV: Engage in Nuclear War

In the name of saving us money, Trump will close our foreign bases. He will then justify the use of nuclear weapons in the name of deploying weapons from home for lower cost and quicker results.

The jews want to level Iran with nuclear weapons, and Trump will oblige them. He will say that he has done to them what they wanted to do to Israel and excuse himself on that basis.

This will likely escalate into a nuclear world war.

Protocol V: Employ the Strategies of Leo Strauss

Trump is a straussian. He tells people what they want to hear, so that they will elect him, then he will subvert their interests in the name of accomplishing them. Trump is a neoconartist.

He wants to increase our intelligence services by giving them over to Mossad. The book the Samson Option details how the jews have used our intelligence services against us. Trump wants us to give Israel all of our secrets. The Israelis will then share them with the communists as they have repeatedly done in the past.

Trump frequently uses the jewish line that he was a major player in the corrupt system and therefore is the only one who can fix it. The jews have consistently used this illogic to deceive people, especially the jewish bankers.