Friday, July 22, 2016

David Duke Is Running for the US Senate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

David Duke has announced that he will run for United States Senate:

The media, eager to tie him to Trump, may give him a substantial amount of air time. Duke has advocated an "America first" policy for decades taking it beyond the original meaning of American neutrality during WW II to a broader significance of putting the best interests of the American People above all else. Duke does not support Israel 1,000.00% and will not call for the legal immigration of millions of anti-Whites into America. Such policies violate Duke's vision of "America first!" Duke does not want NATO to attack Islam for the benefit of Israel.

Duke does want to send illegals back to their homelands and enforce our immigration laws. Duke openly advocates for White interests and openly denounces undue jewish influence in our nation and around the world. His vision of "America first!" actually means what it says. It is not Orwellian double speak for an Israel first policy of perpetual war.

As many have stated at the Republican National Convention, it is necessary to first identify and name our enemies before we can fight them, and Duke has identified and named the jew as an enemy of our people. He has written books detailing and documenting radical jewish terrorism and its deleterious and genocidal effects on our people and others throughout history.