Thursday, July 21, 2016

Definitely a Zionist, But Is Donald Trump also a Communist Traitor?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The media are reporting on Trump's statements regarding NATO and the staged coup in Turkey. A transcript of Trump's statements appears here:

Transcript: Donald Trump on NATO, Turkey's Coup Attempt and the World

Trump wants it appear that he is trying to leverage NATO members into honoring their financial commitments to NATO or he will dishonor America's military commitments to NATO. He fails to explain the supposed equivalence between the two, other than hinting that a breach of contract over financial contributions is more important than a military alliance for mutual defense in the face of a nuclear aggressor, which is asinine on its face.

Trump is hypocritical even in his pathetic attempt to justify his attack on NATO in favor of Putin's Russia, because both Trump and Israel firster Pence have pledged 1000% support of Israel no questions asked and no fees charged or mentioned, under any and all circumstances, whether Israel attacks the USA again or not. Trump is fishing for excuses to break up the alliance for the benefit of Putin and communism. Trump even uses communist rheotoric to bash America and while speaking of American exceptionalism, disclaims it by calling us dysfunctional and therefore unfit to assert our foundational principles in relation to other countries. What an ass!

His attempts to destroy NATO failing, Trump will use the funds he extorts from NATO, not to defend NATO members, including the USA, but rather to wage aggressive war for the benefit of Israel. This will be more self consuming war that draws us away from defending Western Civilization from communism, and instead bogs us down in the Middle East as our resources are squandered empowering our enemy Israel. Why is it that Trump commits us 1000% to Israel no matter Israel does or does not do for us or against us, but cuts us off from our faithful European allies who are related to us by blood and tradition?

Trump supports the bolshevization of Turkey and uses communist excuses to justify his concession to the transition of Turkey into a bolshevik republic of the revitalized Soviet Union, by disavowing the American exceptionalism he claims title to. Trump also endangers the Baltic Republics, calling into question their allegiance to NATO just as Russia threatens to overtake them.

It is Germany which should shoulder more of the financial burden of NATO, not Lithuania, Estonia or tiny Latvia. And it is Germany which is subverted by communist Merkel, Putin's old friend and communist comrade, and by traitor Gerhard Schroeder, who is in Putin's pocket. Trump knows this and knows that Germany will not pay up by design, and so Trump is setting us up to hand over Europe to Putin, but steadfastly pledges us to support our enemy Israel, to our own death, no matter what!

This is why Trump chose Israel firster Mike Pence, who at an America first themed convention speech pledged America to Israel. What a sham!

The mantra of "Radical Islamic terrorism!" is code for "Israel and Russia first, and America and NATO never!" Russia is behind ISIS and is providing the pretext for Trump to destroy NATO and commit us to more Middle Eastern wars for Israel that will destroy us in the process of destabilizing the Middle East and ripening it for complete communist takeover and conversion into bolshevik republics as is now occurring in Turkey, and Trump is fine with that!

We are like mice in a maze, and the jews use whatever emotional response will win them victory over us. If Clinton wins, the jews will flood us with non-Whites and breed us out in two generations. If Trump wins, the jews will bolsheivze Europe and the Middle East and bleed American blood dry with endless war, followed by an influx of hundreds of millions more "refugees" from the wars the jews started for the very purpose. Heads jews win, tails you lose, such is the game of the current presidential race. Shame on us for not fielding a candidate who represents us, the USA, not communist Russia or zionist Israel.