Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ergenekon Has Recaptured Control of the Turkish Military and Is Pushing Turkey Away from NATO and into Israel and Russia's Arms

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Doenmeh are consolidating their power in Turkey. They have always led the Turkish military and used it to control the State. The Turkish People have long looked to the military to safeguard a secular society.

The crypto-Jew Mustafa Kemal Ataturk directly contradicted the aims of the Turkish Empire and asserted Turkish nationalism and secularism in opposition to Turkish imperialism and the caliphate. He helped the jews take Palestine and the bolsheviks, Armenia.

The Ergenekon are again in league with the bolsheviks. And the bolsheviks are again preparing to redraw the map. The failed and phony coup they staged and blamed on the Gulenists allowed them to purge not only the military, but Turkish society as a whole of any opposition to the moves they are about to make.

The jews want to take Turkey out of NATO and make it a bolshevik republic of a revived and expanded Soviet Union. The jews want to cut Western Civilization off from its supplies of energy, and place all of Islam behind an iron curtain of soviet oppression. Erdogan and Ergenekon are uniting Turkey and the AKP behind marxism and Russia.

The wars in Syria, the struggles of and with the Kurds, and the tensions in Armenia are being exploited to create an opportunity to restructure the region in ways which will destroy Western influence in Islamic nations, and handicap NATO and its ability to defend Europe and America from communist Russia and China. At the same time, many with close ties to communist Russia are trying to drive NATO into a war with Islam and away from its mission to defend Europe and America. Losing Turkey to the Soviet Union will make this proposed war infinitely more difficult. The communists are calling for the USA to withdraw its nuclear weapons from Turkey, in the name of securing them from our NATO ally.

Many moves are being made to drive a wedge in the alliance and hand Turkey over to Russia. Syria is at the point of this wedge, and the communists in Turkey are acting as go betweens from Turkey to Russia and Syria, so there can be no doubt that the results which ensue from these talks will benefit the communists and provide them with the intelligence they need to subvert NATO.

Russia is again acting against the best interests of Western Civilization and the White Race, and is manufacturing enemies against us. All this is done at the behest of the jews and Israel. It is no coincidence that Erdogan extended an olive branch to Israel and Russia at the same time, because both are our enemies and want NATO to fail as it consumes itself fighting Islam for the benefit of the jews in a never ending self consuming war that benefits only zionism and communism. It is no coincidence that Putin's ISIS staged a terrorist attack at Istanbul's airport which benefitted Erdogan and then Ergenekon staged a coup to consolidate his power and provide a pretext for eliminating competitive voices and powers. It is no coincidence that the marxists world wide are blaming America for these acts and trying desperately to drive Turkey against the West and out of NATO into Russia and Israel's arms.

Lesser known are the agitations taking place in Armenia and those among the Kurds. Promises are being made that if war breaks out, the maps will be redrawn. These agitations are going to drive out foreign investment from Turkey and Armenia and strengthen Russia's control over Armenia and Turkey. Russia is strangling Armenia economically and is deliberately making them dependant upon Russia for foreign trade and economic activity, which has been a disaster for the nation. Russia has helped to strengthen Erdogan and is driving Turkey into Israel's arms.

I wonder where those Syrian refugees in Turkey will ultimately go, as Israel and the jews expand into Greater Israel. This is what this map redesign is engineered to accomplish, not the expansion of Armenia, the destruction of Turkey or the creation of Kurdistan. Those are the false promises being handed out as invitations to war.

The jews want the soviets to redraw the maps of Islam. They want them to include an iron curtain which safeguards Greater Israel and creates a boundary across which the jews can expel the Muslims. The bolsheviks moved mass populations out of their indigenous territories, slaughtering all those who most benefitted society, and will do so to the Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Kurds, Iraqis and Egyptians. The desert gulags will be immense and many will perish in them.

Turkey is being rapidly boshevized. The press is censored. The military and police have been purged. The relations with NATO are being strained. The difference in this latest Turkish coup is that it is meant to entrench the ruling party and empower its bolshevik agenda, rather than overthrow it. Those are the reasons why. Turkey is being converted into a Soviet Socialist Republic with Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Greece soon to follow.

Then, the West will be severed from the Middle East and Israel will rule the region by proxy from Moscow and use the iron fist of bolshevism to oppress and genocide the Muslims and Middle Eastern Christians.